Workflow Management in the Cloud

Most small and growing businesses are used to managing processes like lead tracking and CRM through email and excel files. Data is manually collected in excel files, and channeled to responsible persons at different phases through email. This is highly inefficient, and leads to mix ups, data loss and delays.  Database software allows automation of such activities, but is costly, and needs experts to run it.

That’s where HyperBase’s cloud based database solution comes in.  

Create Automated Workflows in Minutes

HyperOffice has been designed specifically for growing companies which have no database expertise. Users just need to sign up online and can instantly automate workflows right from data collection, to storing and organizing data, to channeling it to the right persons, until closure.

Data Collection: Online Forms

 Use our intuitive drag and drop form designer to create web forms within minutes. Create web forms like contact forms, feedback forms, customer order forms, online surveys or questionnaires to collect data.

Create Automated Workflows

Data collected through web forms is automatically stored in the system. You can set up rules which determine how data is categorized and flows through the system. For example, a lead entered through the web form can be assigned to any sales person, say A. All leads assigned to A, will automatically appear under a view “A’s leads”.

Document Version Control

Keep track of the changes made to a file and easily revert back to earlier versions with robust version control.

Database Applications

You can create an endless number of database applications for common company processes through online workflows. Some examples are:

– Lead Tracking and CRM
– Support Ticketing
– Asset Management
– Order Processing
– Job Application System

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