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Workflow Management Software

No Code Business Rules - Set it and forget it.

Powerful online Workflow management software, WorkMap offers a simple "if this-then that" workflow automation engine helps you manage exactly how your process behaves - whether it is assignments, notifications, calculations, process flow or anything else!

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Leverage A.I and RPA to create self driving online workflows

Leverage the A.I engine to eliminate repetitive manual effort and save hours a day! Some typical use cases:

  • Automatically enter data based on rules
  • Intelligently establish relational connections between information - students-courses, resources-allocations, people-tasks etc.
  • Smart assignments of tasks.

WorkMap allows us to automate manual paper processes, and take data from emails, phone calls, Excel spreadsheets into our online workflow app – an accessible, correct, single source of information.

Taylor Martin – Manager, Clinical Resource Team, MGH Hospital


Take control of your workflows online - no code required!

Handle multi step workflows online with rules, assignments, notifications and more.

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Make information flow through process steps

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Simple, yet powerful if-then rules to automate manual tasks

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Assign responsibilities for your workflow

workflow notifications


Notify actors with custom templates via email and sms

workflow management software online

Assign responsibilities for workflow stages

Put people front and center of processes - use task management capabilities to make sure everyone contributes their part to the workflow. Allow people to manage their responsibilities across workflows in "my assignments".

Scheduling and booking built right in!

Organizations often purchase ad-hoc tools for scheduling, which is disconnected from the broader workflow. Scheduling is built right into WorkMap's database capabilities, and can be made part of your wider process.

  • Schedule multiple resources - rooms, people, equipment or anything else
  • Enable self-scheduling through public forms
  • Set availibility for individual resources - days and times

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Email and SMS Workflows

Make email and SMS an integral part of your workflow for notifications, approvals and actions.

  • Send rule based SMS and Email reminders with key information
  • Involve stakeholders in workflows right through their email for actions, updates or approvals

We already have an online app for that!

Pick from our expansive library of workflow templates to match your exact requirement and get started right away!

Event Tracking

Manage to-dos for events

User Research

Get valuable feedback from your users

Content calendar

Manage your content marketing efforts

Time tracker

Track the effort of your contractors

Product launch

Track important to-dos for product launches

School App

Track enrollments, attendance etc.

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Stunningly simple, but we are always there for you

WorkMap is a "no-code" workflow management software platform which has been designed for lay people, not nerds. Our focus is on letting you create custom workflows for your processes through beautiful and intuitive interfaces.

That being said, we have noticed that a lot of organizations still do not have the time or patience to create their own apps, given other demands on their attention. We are there every step of the way to help you. Our professional services team and network of no-code developers can work together closely with you to take your idea to fruition.


How are workflow automations set up in WorkMap?

Our automations engine lets you customize workflow processes - you can set up simple, yet powerful "if this then that" rules that determines the journey of data through your workflow management software.

Do I need any sort of expertise to manage workflows in WorkMap

Absolutely not. WorkMap is a "no-code" platform, and allows lay users without any database expertise to easy set up their own workflow apps in a matter of hours or days.

Can the WorkMap team help me with creating my workflow apps?

Yes. Although WorkMap is a no-code platform, many of our customers prefer to have their workflow apps built for them, especially if it is a complex workflow management software system. While we offer standard support to our users, our professional services team and community of no-code developers can take your idea, and build turn-key workflow apps for you ready to be used right away.

What sorts of automations are possible with the automations engine?

A wide variety of automations are possible - sending email or SMS notifications, updating fields, assigning responsibilities to people, making calculations, moving information to a new phase, setting up date-based actions and a lot more!

How are workflow assignments and responsibilities handled in WorkMap?

WorkMap can be used as your project management tool or your cloud-based time tracking system. Each piece of information in WorkMap can have people who are responsible. You can assign vacation requests, new orders, new leads, tasks or any other piece of information to people based on rules. Users can manage assignments across workflows in a single "my assignments" section.

What A.I and R.P.A capabilities are present in WorkMap?

WorkMap's AI engine eliminates manual steps out of workflow management software. You can set up optimization rules, that automatically establish connections between different information stores and tables. Some examples are automatically matching people with resources, matching students with courses and scholarships, automatically allocating resources etc.

Is WorkMap a workflow management software or online database application?

WorkMap is both. It lets you structure and organize your information using information management capabilities. However, rather than static information management, you can easily automate all aspects of a process including data flow, assignments, notifications and more.

Can a workflow be initiated outside of WorkMap?

Public forms allow you to gather information from people outside of WorkMap and kick off workflows.

Can people outside of WorkMap be notified through automations?

Yes! You can create email AND SMS templates to notify WorkMap users, or even people who are not users of WorkMap. You can set up triggers for these notifications, and send information dynamically.

Does WorkMap integrate and play together with third party systems?

WorkMap is built on the latest web standards. We have a rich library of APIs which allow for it to be integrated with almost any system that supports APIs. Further, we are continuously working on building out-of-the-box integrations with third party systems like Zapier, File Management Systems, Databases etc.

Does WorkMap offer a mobile app?

Yes. We have apps which let you manage your apps and assignments from any iOS or Android app.

Can I bring over data from Microsoft Access, Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel?

Yes. WorkMap offers proprietary migrations tools for CSV and Microsoft Access.