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Automate all workflows.

Business Management

Manage information flows like administration, inventory management, vacation approvals, expenses etc.

Client Facing Workflows

Automate client facing workflows like lead capture and tracking, feedback surveys, order management and invoicing etc.

Approval Processes

Any processes that involves approvals by multiple stakeholders within and outside the organization

Customer & Partner Portals

Create secure login portals for clients and customers to raise requests, track status, share information etc.

Custom Web Forms

Automate form centric processes by building forms of any type with drag and drop tools.

Workflow apps within a minute

"Create an expense approval workflow

A.I Powered Workflows

Our AI Co-pilot allows you to create workflow apps by merely describing them. Save weeks by letting the AI build your app in a minute.

Automate anything, easy

WorkMap is not for coders or database administrators but for the everyday process owner with an elementary knowledge of the internet. A simple if-this-happens then-do-this interface lets you automate almost any process you can imagine.

Create Multimodal Journeys – Email & SMS Workflows

Allow people to participate in workflows right via email or text message. Information can be routed using rules to different people via different modalities – web forms, WorkMap, email or SMS.

Put people at the center of your workflows

Assignments and task management capabilities to make sure everyone contributes their part to the workflow. Permissions determine exactly who sees which information and what they can do with it.

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How are online workflow automations set up in WorkMap?

Our automations engine lets you customize workflow processes – you can set up simple, yet powerful “if this then that” rules that determines the journey of data through your workflow management software.

Do I need any sort of expertise to manage workflows in WorkMap

Absolutely not. WorkMap is a “no-code” platform, and allows lay users without any database expertise to easy set up their own workflow apps in a matter of hours or days.

Can the WorkMap team help me with creating my online workflow apps?

Yes. Although WorkMap is a no-code platform, many of our customers prefer to have their workflow apps built for them, especially if it is a complex workflow management software system. While we offer standard support to our users, our professional services team and community of no-code developers can take your idea, and build turn-key workflow apps for you ready to be used right away.

What sorts of automations are possible with the automations engine?

A wide variety of automations are possible – sending email or SMS notifications, updating fields, assigning responsibilities to people, making calculations, moving information to a new phase, setting up date-based actions and a lot more!