HyperDrive – Desktop Access to Online Files

HyperDrive, or HyperOffice’s “Web Folder” is based on Microsoft’s WebDAV technology. In simple words, it is a folder that resides on your desktop, which appears like any other desktop folder, but allows you access to files and folders stored on the cloud.

Rather than opening a web browser, and logging in to HyperOffice’s web interface to manage your documents, HyperDrive offers you speedy access right from your desktop.

It emulates the experience you are familiar with using Mac and Windows folders.

HyperDrive is another attempt from HyperOffice to integrate with the environment of our growing business users, and let them leverage popular tools.

HyperDrive – The Major Benefits

  • View and edit cloud based folders and documents right on your desktop, without having to open a web browser.
  • Rather than uploading one document at a time, simply drag and drop multiple files and foldersĀ  between your PC and your HyperOffice account.
  • Multiple people with access rights to a folder or document can collaborate and co author documents without ever having to open a web browser.
  • All Web folders are password-protected using your HyperOffice username and password.
  • Use HyperDrive to synchronize folders across computers. Install HyperDrive on multiple computers, and anything you store and edit on HyperDrive on one computer will be mirrored on others.

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