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 UNFCU was chartered in 1947. Currently they have more than 80,000 members and over US $2.7 billion in assets (all UNFCU accounts are denominated in U.S. dollars). UNFCU is governed by a volunteer board of directors comprised of current and former UN employees.


The UNFCU is located in New York, Geneva, Vienna, Nairobi and Rome. Membership to UNFCU is open to employees of the UN, affiliated international agencies and retirees. In addition, family members (e.g. spouse, parents, siblings, children) or those residing in, or/and sharing financial responsibility of, your household can enjoy the benefits of membership.



The UNFCU uses HyperOffice to manage internal operations and projects using the document repository with version control with the integrated project management tool. HyperOffice has influenced internal operations and helped this organization maintain a low overhead, so that they are able to pass the value down to the UN employees it serves

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