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Specialty Vehicles started up in 1985 as a researcher and reporter for commercial vehicles. Ever single commercial vehicle produced, whether it is a UPS truck or horse trailer, you will be able to find a report published by Specialty Vehicles. As a growing small business, the company just recently expanded to overseas employees, which requires a bit more efficient collaboration than before


When generating detailed reports and having to pass them around to different employees, file sizes can get pretty big. Most email service providers have a very limiting maximum size on the files that you can attach. File size limits wasn’t the only problem for Specialty Vehicles. Making sure everybody had the right version, making sure people actually received the files and just simply finding old documents were all on the list of issues that needed to be resolved.



After looking for a document sharing tool, HyperOffice seemed to have many winning factors for Specialty Vehicles. Specialty Vehicles ultimately chose HyperOffice because it seemed to fit small businesses, as opposed to the other solutions that required the budget of larger companies. Besides the issue of price, Specialty Vehicles found the “permissions” feature of HyperOffice very useful. Now with HyperOffice, employees are able to pass along documents easily. Even General Manager, Jeremy Brahm, has noticed a “lot more efficiency within the workplace” and deemed HyperOffice as a “great organizational tool”.