Atlas Use Cases

Atlas is an expansive solution, with a wide variety of implementations across organizations. Some organizations leverage the entire stack for an end-to-end "online office" while others take advantage of its modularity and implement specific solution components.

Online Office


Document Storage & Collaboration

Residential | Business Email

Enterprise Social Network


Online Office

Companies use Atlas as an end-to-end "online office" where they manage all aspects of working together as a team - communication, storing and accessing information, coordination of effort etc.

Communicate via business email, IM & social messaging

Store and collaborate on any type of document

Coordinate schedules with shared calendars

Coordinate effort by creating & assigning tasks, tracking progress.

Give teams a bird's eye view with dashboards and custom intranets

Allow employees to find & follow others with a corporate social network


Companies use Atlas to create finely customized "Intranet" landing pages where they display information, awards, reports and collaboration tools in context.

Create custom intranet landing pages to display exactly what your team needs

Set up intranet pages for every team, department & project

Create a company-wide Corporate Intranet

Add dynamic collaboration modules to intranet pages: calendars, latest tasks etc.

Create entire internal websites with multiple pages & hyperlinks

Give content owners control with the a simple drag-and-drop intranet page builder

Document Storage and Collaboration

Companies use Atlas to store files of any type online, and allow teams to access and work together on them no matter where they are.

Store and backup files of any type online

Access on any internet connected device

Share documents with team members

Collaborate on documents with advanced features like versioning, audit trails etc.

Have social conversations around documents

Access and sync documents via a desktop client

Residential | Business Email

Atlas's elegant and modern email features make it ideal for ISPs who want to offer their users email accounts (, or businesses who want professional email for their employees (

Modern HTML5 mail web client with labels, drag-n-drop and more

Access and sync email with your mobile mail client

Advanced features like spam control, IMAP/POP support, signatures, rules & more

Use Outlook as your primary client by leveraging Outlook sync capabilities

Manage your schedule with the slick online calendar

Organize your contacts with online address books

Enterprise Social Network

Companies today want to replicate the free knowledge sharing of consumer social networks in the business world. Atlas allows companies to set up their own social network where employees can find skills, communicate and freely share information.

Display your projects, skills and information to everyone in the company with your Profile

Find, follow and communicate with anyone in the company through their Profiles

Follow people, projects, documents etc., and track everything of interest on your Wall

Use social messaging & comments for internal communication

Attach documents, tasks or any other information with your messages

Use advanced social features like hashtags, @ mentions etc.


Companies use Atlas to build custom extranets and strengthen relationships with important customers and partners. Here, they can share information with them, coordinate effort and importantly, impress them!

Build custom extranets with data & tools for the precise needs of your clients & partners

Brand the extranet to impress external stakeholders

Share documents, project updates, announcements, events etc with clients & partners

Collaborate with external stakeholders by allowing them to contribute to the extranet

Build any number of finely customized extranets using the simple drag-and-drop extranet builder