Rich communication for extended teams

What is eliminates the barriers that exist between professionals and their broader network of customers, remote teams, and partners. It is a single place where they can manage the entire life-cycle of “working together” – ongoing conversations, sharing information, real-time meetings, or anything else. With its "federation" technology, also works with what professionals already have, allowing them to pull and sync their information with almost any third party system into their collaboration spaces.

While applications for internal collaboration have reached a high degree of sophistication, professionals use a mish-mash of tools to work with people outside the company or in other offices. addresses this problem, specifically solving the following:

Locked information

Data is trapped away in various business apps, and there is no way to leverage it while working beyond one’s immediate network. Meeting tools today allow for transient video/audio conferences, but fail to capture the effort before and after the meeting.

Limited meetings

Meeting tools today allow for transient video/audio conferences, but fail to capture the effort before and after the meeting.

Broken experience

With no dedicated solution for external collaboration, professionals rely mostly on email, while at other times they fall back on a mix of sharing and conferencing tools. The result is low engagement.

Service providers can private label and help customers get more out of their current corporate systems! Contact us for more

What are its features?

Works with any app allows users to share data from any popular system like Exchange, Google Apps, Dropbox, SalesForce and more.

Real-time Sync

No matter where information is edited or added, every change is mirrored between and the source system.

Connector Engine

All third party connectors are based on an extensible connector framework which quickly allows for new integrations undertaken by us, or by service providers themselves.

Video Conferencing

Users can launch rich video conferences with advanced features like screen sharing and annotations.

Any data type

It handles almost every type of business information - email, documents, tasks, contacts, notes, links, calendars and more.

Group Chat

Group and 1-on-1 chat allows workers to easily share information and engage team members.


Powerful mobile apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile allow users to access's full capabilities including video/web conferencing, IM, notifications etc.

Total Control

Even as users share information outside the organization, admins and information owners have total control over who sees this information and what they can do with it.

Works with Service Providers' existing ICT portfolio

Although includes its own conferencing technology, it also integrates with any UC system Service Providers are already offering in their portfolio. This is a great option for Service Providers looking to enhance their current UC offerings.

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