Social/Mobile Conferencing

Next-Gen Conferencing

While conferencing used to be the leading cloud software, it has failed to keep pace with the latest social and mobile technologies. There are provisions for ad-hoc meetings, but no way to capture the collaboration that happens before or after a meeting.

In, we have re-imagined web conferencing for today's needs and technologies. Users can now launch conferences from any device with unbelievable ease in their full richness. Persistent workspaces ensure that the conversation doesn't simply die after the conference, and provide the tools to capture the collaboration that happens before and after the meeting.

Re-energize your web conferencing initiatives

Service providers are looking to energize their web conferencing initiatives, and differentiate themselves in this highly competitive and crowded market. allows them to take a leading position in a market ripe for disruption.

Works with Service Providers' existing conferencing solutions

Although includes its own conferencing technology, it also integrates with any UC system Service Providers are already offering in their portfolio. This is a great option for Service Providers looking to enhance their current UC offerings.