About HyperOffice

HyperOffice is a global leader in cloud application enablement for service providers. Our range of social, mobile, communication, collaboration and conferencing applications enable Telcos, ISPs, Cable Operators, hosting companies and other service providers to participate in the booming cloud market. We enable service providers to take their rightful share of emerging ICT markets, and reclaim revenue from OTT players making inroads into traditional revenue streams.

Service Providers can quickly roll out unique cloud solutions based on HyperOffice's rich technology portfolio. We offer flexible IP licensing, packaging, branding and deployment options that allow our partners to achieve the best possible product/market fit in support of their strategic goals. With HyperOffice, participating in the cloud market does not have to mean force-fitting rigid pre-packaged products in your existing portfolio, promoting the brand of a potential competitor and risking your customer base.

Our technology allows service providers to increase revenue, differentiate, reduce churn and expand their market share with value added applications. We also offer Professional Services to enable service providers to customize, localize and brand applications and seamlessly integrate our solutions in their existing landscape.

Today, latest cloud and mobile technologies have spawned a new generation of consumer and business ICT solutions. These applications present a huge opportunity for service providers, while also exerting pressure on conventional ICT revenue streams. HyperOffice brings a decade of experience in assimilating technology trends and developing leading cloud applications, which offer unique solutions to modern collaboration problems. These applications are available to service providers who want to rapidly enter the market and deliver highly differentiated solutions to end-customers. HyperOffice technologies include:

HyperOffice Social Enterprise Collaboration. An end-to-end, feature rich social collaboration suite, which allows teams to manage all aspects of sharing information, working together, and being productive. It includes business email, IM, shared documents, project management, intranets, social feeds and pages, shared calendars and contacts. These applications are tightly integrated into a simple user interface leveraging the latest in "enterprise social" and mobile technologies.

uShare.to Team Communication. A mobile and web application which enables “extended” teams of partners, suppliers, and customers to communicate and work together effectively. It allows workers to create instant spaces where they can not only communicate via chat, video and audio on any device, but also share information stored in popular third-party business apps, and use other collaboration features like shared calendars and tasks.

The Leadership

Dr Hossein Eslambolchi: Board Member
Dr Eslambolchi is one of the leading names in telecom. He has held top leadership positions in AT&T, including ex CTO and Global CIO. He is a widely recognised inventor and author, with over a 1000 patents and accolades like "The Top 100 Global Telecom Leaders". He currently leads 2020 Venture Partners.

Nate Davis: Board Member
Nate Davis is a seasoned leader of transformational telecommunications, media and software development companies. He was formely CEO at XM Satellite Radio and EVP of Nextel Comm. Currently, he serves as the Executive Chairman of the K12 Board.

Farzin Arsanjani: President
Farzin is a seasoned software industry professional and a pioneer in cloud applications. Farzin co-founded HyperOffice, Inc. in 2004 and serves as its President. Previously, Mr. Arsanjani Co-founded HTR in 1987 and served as its Vice-Chairman and President since 1987.

Kamyar Kaviani: CEO
Kamyar is one of the first software entrepreneurs to realize the potential of cloud computing in businesses. Kamyar co-founded HyperOffice in 2004 with Farzin and serves as its CEO. Previously, he co-founded HTR in 1987 and served as its Vice-Chairman and CEO since 1987.

Drew Morris: CTO
Drew is a serial entrepreneur and innovator. He has served as the CTO of HyperOffice since 2004. Prior to HyperOffice, Drew co-founded WebOS in 1998, the first attempt at creating a web based operating system.