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“(HyperOffice is) a Sharepoint Antidote” – Huffington Post

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Why Replace Sharepoint?

SharePoint Server & Sharepoint Online represent an outdated era of impossibly complex software which need armies of IT experts to manage. User Adoption is very low, and some studies estimate that a 500 seat deployment of Sharepoint costs 120K in the first year.

HyperOffice is the first Sharepoint Alternative in the market, with a deep understanding of user needs, offering inexpensive, easy-to-use, cloud based collaboration solutions since 2004.

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Sharepoint intranet replacement

Custom Portal Experiences

Quickly deploy an easy to use SharePoint-like intranet portal that seamlessly connects users, teams, and information. Our deep customization capabilities let you create a portal finely tuned to serve your specific needs – without any special expertise.

Securely Manage Business Documents

Benefit from deep online document management features, document libraries and collaboration capabilities

Sharepoint documents replacement
Sharepoint Lists replacement

Capture information with custom lists. Create automated workflows.

Replace Sharepoint Lists and Infopath. Quickly create custom lists to capture and organize information. Create automations around this information.

Your complete collaboration toolkit

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Document Sharing

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Project Management

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Company Directory

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Group Calendars

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Lists and Workflows

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Group Chat & Conferencing

HyperOfficeoffers Sharepoint functionality with less headache.

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Can HyperOffice Atlas replace Sharepoint Server or Sharepoint Online?

Atlas can replace both. It offers the capabilities of Sharepoint, whether in its on-prem Server version or Sharepoint Online

Can HyperOffice Atlas replace Sharepoint Lists functionality

Yes. In Atlas, you can create custom lists to exactly capture the information relevant to you. You can go much further than Sharepoint Lists with relational tables, reporting, automations, custom forms and more.

Can HyperOffice Atlas replace Sharepoint InfoPath functionality

Yes, you can easily create custom web forms and publish them online

Does HyperOffice Atlas include the capability to create custom portals and manage document libraries

Yes, it does.

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