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Experts to detail roadmap for 86 percent of SMBs expected to deploy SaaS by end of 2009

ROCKVILLE, MD., 1 June 2009 – HyperOffice today announced a new webinar that steers business owners, employees, clients, partners and suppliers away from peril when selecting software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendors.

Nearly 9 out of 10 (86%) small to mid sized businesses (SMBs) will deploy SaaS tools by the end of 2009 predicts a 2009 Microsoft study, despite the volatile economy – a significant increase from the 21 percent of small businesses and 31 percent of mid-sized businesses that market analyst AMI Partners reports are already using SaaS products.

“Software as a Service is much more than the latest buzzword or fad,” said Rusty Weston, who will lead the webinar, scheduled for Friday, 5 June. Weston is the former editor of and founder of Third Set Media.

Click here for webinar details and a related whitepaper:

“But most SMBs have little or no experience handling SaaS solutions,” said Weston. “The old rules don’t apply. You don’t buy SaaS software; you pay as you go. You don’t fix it; the vendor does. This makes the vendor-customer relationship for SaaS fundamentally different. The vendor does not close the sale, then make a quick exit. The SaaS relationship only begins with the sale. The customer entrusts the vendor with sensitive business data and depends on the vendor for the smooth running of systems, innovation, support and training. This dictates that new rigorous criteria be applied when assessing different SaaS solutions for business problems.”

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Founded in 1998, HyperOffice provides “out-of-the-box” online collaboration solutions to growing businesses. Available under pay-as-you-go plans, HyperOffice includes all the tools teams need to be effective – business email, document management, calendars, task management, online meetings, online databases. Companies use HyperOffice as an intranet solution, for project management, or an inexpensive Exchange & SharePoint alternative.


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