Employees increasingly want to use their mobile phone or tablet as a business tool. Laptops are good, but you can’t take them everywhere, all the time. Wouldn’t it be great if your teams could just reach for their mobile device, no matter which, and keep connected with and share official calendars, contacts and tasks, and push email to their device?

Did you face the following challenges when you looked for tools to mobilize your workforce?

  • Too expensive?
  • You want to give your team choice – choice of devices and phone service. Some people have iPhone, others Blackberry, some use Verizon Wireless while others have AT&T. How can everyone get real-time shared access?
  • Your current service only sychs personal calendars and contacts but you can’t access shared calendars and contact on your mobile device.

HyperMobile is a ground breaking service custom fitted for your growing company. Here are some exclusive benefits:

No need ever for hardware or complex software like MS Exchange and BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Works automatically, behind the scenes, over-the-air and you never even notice.

Works with almost every mobile device – iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Nokia, J2ME and SyncML phones and many Androids

Works on tablets. Access information on a custom interface for your iPad and Android tablets. 

Not only can you sync personal mail, contacts, tasks and calendars, but also share and collaborate on informationwith teams right from your mobile.

Synchronize your mobile device with your beloved Outlook.

Get all of HyperOffice’s collaboration features in-built,optimized for your mobile browser and accessible from any PC or Mac browser.

Push Email

HyperMobile comes with custom email accounts for your team with a yourcompany.com extension. Email messages are instantly pushed to your mobile. You can send and receive messages, attach files, manage and create folders etc. like you were at a desktop computer. Or manage your email online, or on any PC or Mac. You can even use Outlook. Everything is seamlessly synched over the air. You also find an up to the minute account no matter where you access it.

You also get the added benefit of conserving battery life, unlike regular POP3/IMAP mobile mail access where your device loses charging querying mail servers every few minutes.

Push Calendars

HyperMobile allows you to keep your personal and company calendars in sync across your mobile device, online and on your PC and Mac. You can even synchronize with your Outlook calendars. Schedule a meeting on your mobile calendar and it will immediately show up on your online and Outlook calendars. Modify an event on Outlook and it will immediately be reflected on your mobile and so on. 

You can even share your mobile calendars with teams, clients or partners and maintain group calendars. Whenever you add an event or schedule a meeting, your group will immediately know.

Push Contacts

You can keep your address books and contacts in synch across your mobile device, online on any PC or Mac and Outlook. Anytime you create a contact online or on Outlook, it is immediately pushed to your mobile address book. Or edit a contact on your mobile, and find it updated everywhere else. You can also share contacts with your teams on their mobile, desktop or online.

You can even push and share notes right from your mobile phone. If someone in the office updates a conversation in contact notes, field personnel see it within seconds.


Only HyperOffice allows you to share your mobile calendars and contacts with team members. Now your mobile is more than a personal information manager, but a full blown shareability and collaboration tool. Anytime you create a meeting or edit a contact, you can choose to let everyone in your team immediately know. 

Mobile Collaboration

HyperMobile comes built in with HyperOffice, our award winning online collaboration suite. You get all of HyperOffice’s collaboration features to supercharge team productivity – document access and collaboration, task management, intranet and extranet workspaces, forums, web forms, polls and more – from an intuitive interface designed specifically for your mobile browser. Or you can access HyperOffice from any internet connected PC or Mac in the world.

Outlook Mobile Access

You can access and synchronize Outlook email, contacts, calendars and tasks right from your mobile device without MS Exchange.

Security and Backup

128 Bit encryption makes sure your business data is highly secure. Industry class spam and virus filters ensure only legitimate messages get through to your mobile inbox. Since everything is backed up and stored on the “cloud”, your data is safe even with you lose your mobile phone.

There is a lot more to HyperOffice Atlas

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