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HyperOffice Offers Cloud Project Management

By. David Roe | Oct 28, 2010                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Just when you thought the Microsoft vs. Google, Web Apps vs. Google Apps couldn’t get any tetchier, HyperOffice (news, site)  has upped the ante with the introduction of its new online project management application that aims to give SMBs a project management tool integrated with HyperOffice’s collaboration suite.

In fairness to HyperOffice, this release doesn’t seem to have come in a fit of pique over the release of Office365 by Microsoft (news, site), the pricing of which is clearly aimed at SMB markets, or a reaction to Google’s continued inroads into the SMB market with its slow but sure upgrades to Google Apps.

This release keeps doing what HyperOffice has been doing for a long time – providing affordable and effective online tools that enable even very small businesses to collaborate through business email, document collaboration, Intranets and Extranets, shared calendars and all the rest.

With this update, HyperOffice offers the first cloud project management solution designed for SMBs that is powerful enough to manage business-grade projects in a collaborative environment. It adds task dependencies and interactive Gantt charts to an existing list of project management and collaboration features that SMBs can immediately start using.

What’s more, Google Apps doesn’t really have project management features, which means SMBs currently have to buy a solution separately or go to Google Apps marketplace and try and source one from the huge number of offerings available there. Not an easy task. Let’s see where Google goes with this.

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