HyperOffice is powerful, has broad functionality and is an important part of our customers’ day to day operations. Collaboration software is a strategic investment, since it will be used by almost everyone multiple times a day. Given this, some companies may prefer to leverage our experience to ensure a smooth rollout and simplify ongoing administration.

For more than 10 years, we have worked closely with over 300,000 users. Our customers range from small businesses looking to get up and running quick to large organizations with thousands of users and terabytes of data looking to get away from legacy systems. Our professional services span all phases of the implementation cycle including:


Work with our consultants to plan your deployment and strategy for portal environment


Attend a public session or a customized session to explore HyperOffice features

Intranet/Extranet Customization

Creation and customization of intranet and extranet spaces

Portal Configuration and Deployment

Complete setup and deployment of your collaboration portal

Online Database and Web Forms

Create one or more databases and web forms to gather and mine data from prospects, clients and business processes

Setup and Support Packages

Get setup and support services for HyperDrive, HyperShare and HyperMobile


Assistance with migrating data from current systems to the HyperOffice cloud


Our experts have a deep understanding of diverse SMB business and technological environments. Our consultation services help you develop a roadmap to implement and deploy HyperOffice such that it fits existing processes and maximizes business goals. Broadly this will consist of the following:

  • Identify goals of deployment of collaboration technology
  • Study your technological environment and that of your external partners
  • Develop a deployment strategy such that it maximizes your existing processes, business goals and IT resources
  • Lay out a solution design for your virtual office in terms of groups, permission levels, workflows etc
  •  Develop administration policies and controls


We have multiple training programs tailored to the specific needs of our users. They are conducted by our experts who have lead thousands of sessions. You get in-depth training on HyperOffice product features, learn best practices and get all your questions answered. Our training sessions are conducted over the web and use latest multimedia and eLearning tools like screen sharing, online presentations, video, etc. Attendees can participate no matter where they are with just a web connection and phone.

Dedicated Training

These are private training sessions for your organization. Dedicated training sessions are tailored to meet your unique needs. Needs are identified and custom course content developed over a pre-training session.

Public Training

Public training consists of online training sessions on specific HyperOffice topics lead by our solutions expert. We have a training calendar which lays out the public training schedule in advance. Attendees will get in-depth training on specific features and questions will be answered. The sessions will be shared.

Intranet/Extranet Customization

Our professional services team help you create highly professional and tailored intranet and extranet pages for internal groups or your clients or partners. Intranet/Extranet packages range anywhere from 5 to 33 hours of professional services.

Online Databases and Web forms

This service package gives users HyperBase, which adds fully integrated online database and web form capabilities to their HyperOffice portal, plus professional services of their choice – consulting, training, implementation, or customization. Packages range from 2 to 8 hours of services and product activation.

Portal Configuration and Deployment

Based on your requirements, HyperOffice experts will take on the role of the system administrator for deployment of your collaboration portal (does not include configuration and deployment of email). We will build groups, add users, apply policy controls with permissions and profiles, and do anything else you might need to get your solution ready to roll.

Setup and Support Packages

HyperOffice provides special packages for users who may want enhanced HyperOffice functionality, and support around that functionality. Our HyperShare series gives you HyperShare, our Outlook synchronization plugin; setup assistance for HyperShare; and HyperShare support. Our HyperMobile series gives you push email and mobile synchronization capabilities for nearly every major mobile device (iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Nokia, Android etc.), setup assistance for HyperMobile, and HyperMobile support. Our email archiving series gives you email archiving capabilities with your business email, setup assistance, and email archiving support.


Over the years, we have performed tens of thousands of migrations for organizations looking to move to HyperOffice from on-premise email systems like Microsoft  Exchange, legacy document management systems like Microsoft SharePoint, or legacy contact management systems like Sage ACT!. We have handled anything from small migrations to enterprise systems with thousands of email users to terabytes of documents. Our migration services fall broadly under the following categories:

 Email Migration

This is for companies looking to migrate email to HyperOffice’s cloud based email system from legacy email systems like Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes, or other third party systems. We have developed specialized migration tools for common systems like Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes, and can also handle migrations from almost any mail systems supporting the IMAP / POP3 mail protocols using manual and automated procedures. Highlights are:


Our specialized migration tools for Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes ensure that your systems are up and running on the cloud in the shortest possible time.

Zero downtime

Our experts ensure that while we undertake email migration in the background, email continuity is maintained, and users have uninterrupted access to their email without any downtime or disruptions.


The folder structure, email messages, configurations and attachments are exactly replicated as your users move to the cloud from a legacy system.

HyperOffice hosted email

Your email systems are migrated to HyperOffice’s award winning cloud based email system – one of the most well-known systems in the cloud communication and collaboration market.

Document Migration

HyperOffice has conducted thousands of document migrations involving terabytes of data to our online document management system. Highlights of our document migration services are:

File-type Agnostic

Data can be migrated to our online document management system no matter what format your business information is in – doc, docx, xls, xlsx,  ppt, pptx, pdf, images such as jpg or png, audio, or other.

Mass migration

We are adept at migrating terabytes of data and can perform document migrations no matter how voluminous the data.

Replicate Folder Structure

Our cloud based document management system is organized in a familiar folder structure, and we can exactly replicate the folder structure of your legacy document management system even if you have thousands of sub folder levels.

 Contacts Migration

HyperOffice assists companies in migrating huge contact databases trapped in siloed systems like Microsoft Excel and Sage ACT! to our online contact management system. HyperOffice’s self service capabilities allow users to import contacts from Microsoft’s products such as Excel and Outlook or Comma Separated Value files (.csv) into HyperOffice themselves, but the assisted option is ideal for companies with large volumes of data. Our experts have extensive experience in securely migrating vast amounts of data, even as end users continue to have uninterrupted access to their data.