Outlook Calendar Synchronization and More!

The ability to access your Outlook calendar and other information from more than one computer has become extremely important as business demands require you to operate on different computers while youre at a brach office, attenting to a sales call or travelling.

HyperOffice’s Outlook synchronization tool creates synergy between your computers. You can access and manage your Outlook from any web enabled computer or mobile devices, and all changes are automatically mirrored. Learn how Outlook Synchronizationworks.

Synchronize Outlook

with all your computers-your home, office, or laptop.

HyperOffice and Outlook

are automatically synchronized to contain the same contact, calendar, email and task information.

The synchronization tool compares the data

 in your HyperOffice account to the data in Outlook, and then makes the necessary changes to sync.

Synchronize Outlook

email with our IMAP email tool.

Share Your Outlook Calendar

without Microsoft Exchange.

How Outlook Synchronization Works:

No added IT costs

No servers or software are required, and you’ll be up and running in minutes.

Initial Import Setup

When you first sign up with HyperOffice, you can quickly and easily import your calendar events, contacts, and tasks.

Continuous Outlook Synchronization

 Synchronize your data at your convenience so that your HyperOffice and Outlook data are identical; syncing automatically updates the data in both places.

Work Offline

The Outlook synchronization tool allows you to work offline, as well. Simply use the tool to synchronize your information so you can access it the next time you are connected.

A Great Microsoft Exchange Alternative

Use HyperOffice as an affordable, maintenance-free MS Exchange Alternative. Now you can share Outlook calendars, contacts, and tasks without maintenance hassles and expensive servers.

I felt constrained when using Outlook. HyperOffice shares many of the same useful tools and routines while at the same time being much easier to navigate

Tristan GoldbergDistrict Manager, RLED

There is a lot more to HyperOffice Atlas

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