Share, Collaborate & Communicate Using Any Web-Enabled Handheld

Don’t have a fancy new iPhone or BlackBerry? Don’t fret; HyperOffice has you covered. HyperOffice works with Windows Mobile, J2ME and SyncML phones and many Andriod and Nokia phones.

Now you can have the power of collaboration and business-class emailon your favorite web-enabled handheld. Our mobile business applicationallows you to turn your personal information manager into a full-blown productivity and shareability tool without the need for MS SharePoint or Exchange.

It’s easier than ever to collaborate in your office, at home, or on the go.  You can send and receive business-class emailshare your mobile calendars and contacts, synch with your business calendars and address books over the air or even schedule tasks on the fly.

Benefits of HyperOffice on your Mobile Device:

Access included business-class email 

from your handheld – no need to purchase an additional email service

Sync your business contacts, calendars, tasks, & email

with your mobile device.

Access and synch with your Outlook

mail, contacts, calendars and tasks right from your mobile device!

Store your data

on our secure servers and have access to it instantly wherever you go through any internet connected computer.

Collaborate and communicate

 to build intranets and extranets without the need for Microsoft SharePoint

Manage projects and tasks 

and get instant notification when your team members complete tasks

Manage your account

easily with an intuitive interface tailored specifically for your mobile device

It’s easy to share, collaborate and communicate on your favorite mobile device.

Get all the great features of HyperOffice on your web-enabled handheld:

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