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Optistar Technology Consultants is an international IT consulting firm that serves small and medium-sized businesses with service and support for IT infrastructures. With offices in cities all over the nation such as New York City, Boston, and Richmond, virtual collaboration is the main form of communication within the company.


Optistar Tech originally started using email, but have found that the information that gets passed along through email is too critical to not have any sort of security. Dealing with customers and providing IT support can get very technical and into a lot of detail, so making sure emails are sent out and received on time through a secure manner was the main priority for Optistar Tech.


Through extensive research and comparing products, Optistar Tech decided upon HyperOffice. Now, Optistar is using HyperOffice “as a knowledge base for network engineers and support desk staff”, according to Mark Jordan. Besides using it internally between engineers and support staff, clients are also able to login to the portal in order to share information and files with support.

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