Easy Project Based Management for Growing Companies

HyperOffice allows you to easily and effectively manage multiple projects and globally dispersed teams, through a centralized online project management console in the cloud. Whether you want to simply assign tasks to distributed teams and keep track, or manage complex projects with multiple tasks which have elaborate inter-relationships, HyperOffice fits your needs.

No matter where you or your team are located, just get on any web connected PC or Mac, and start managing and collaborating on projects. Easily create tasks, set deadlines and dates, set task dependencies, delegate responsibilities, get notifications and track progress. Get a visual bird’s eyeview of project completion status with Gantt charts. There are no hardware servers to set up, no software to download. Just sign up online and get going.

Benefits of HyperOffice Online Project Management

No Servers or Downloads

No hassle of hardware or software. Just sign up online and get started immediately.

Universal Access

You and team can manage tasks from any internet enabled PC or Mac.

Centralized Project Management

Handle all aspects of managing multiple projects from a central online location. Allow everyone visibility into project status and grant permissions to make updates.

Integrated Collaboration Tools

Unlike other tools, you get a whole lot of integrated tools like document collaboration, workspaces, calendars, and email to synergize with project management.

Free Upgrades & Support

We’re constantly making improvements to our solution which are instantly accessible to you. Whenever you need help, just call in!


Create Tasks

Automate the project management process by creating unlimited projects, tasks and subtasks with name, description, status, dates etc.

Manage Responsibilities & Permissions

Delegate by assigning responsibilities for projects, tasks or subtasks and setting dates. Easily manage viewing and modification for projects, tasks and subtasks for each teammate.

Task Dependencies

Create elaborate precedence relationships between tasks in a project to reflect sophisticated real life projects.

To Do Lists

‘To do’ lists allow every team member to manage themselves with an easy view of which tasks have been assigned to them, they have assigned further, and which they have completed or yet ‘to do’. They can simply check off completed tasks.

Using the generous amount of document storage allowed, we can now keep our important project documents safe and accessible for all to use, assign tasks to individuals, share calendars, etc. for a very reasonable monthly fee.

Darrell SchneiderPresident, AM Professionals
Automatic Notifications

Automatically notify all involved parties of important events – a deadline is met, a task finished or a task assigned to somebody.

Import & Export Tasks

Save time by importing or exporting tasks to Excel.

Synch with Outlook Tasks

Synchronize HyperOffice tasks with Outlook tasks. Wherever you make changes, they are synched both ways. Easily share Outlook tasks with colleagues and partners without MS Exchange.

Interactive Gantt Charts

Easily get a visual overview of project status, task interdependence, sequencing and dates through Gantt charts. Simply drag and drop tasks to modify timelines and project plan.

File Collaboration

Easily organize and distribute project resources and files amongst project members. Work together on files using versioning, notifications, locking and other collaboration features.

Sorting & Filtering

Sort or filter tasks and projects according to multiple criteria like date, name, priority, status etc.

Integrated Collaboration Tools

Project management becomes ever more efficient because it is fully integrated with other HyperOffice tools like intranet and extranet workspaces, calendars, contact directories, forums and more!


Link projects, tasks and subtasks with related resources – contact records, documents, calendar entries, email records and more!

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