Manage All Aspects of Projects From a Single Online Console

HyperOffice allows growing companies to effectively manage geographically scattered project teams from the convenience of any internet connected PC or Mac. Manage all aspects of projects from the easy-to-use HyperOffice projects console.

Organize information by project, assign tasks and responsibilities, set task dependencies, monitor progress, collaborate on documents, set up meetings, organize relevant contacts and much more! You don’t need any cumbersome hardware or software downloads. Just sign up online and get rollin’!

HyperOffice has improved our collaboration by centralizing project and document management. It is the closest to an enterprise solution that I've seen with a price that is equally attractive and affordable. We've had absolutely NO issues with downtime or connectivity.

Dr. Dwight TappPresident, ClinicAid


No Hardware or Software

 All you need to do is sign up online to get started. 

Easy To Use

You don’t need any IT specialists to use HyperOffice. It’s meant for you the end user.

Online and Mobile Access

 All you and your scattered teams need to connect and collaborate is an internet connection PC, Mac or mobile.

Centralized Project Management

 The HyperOffice online console is the single destination for all your project collaboration needs.

Complete Project Collaboration Solution

 HyperOffice is more than simply a project scheduling solution. It includes all aspects of project collaboration – document collaboration, calendars, workspaces, contacts, calendars and more!

Free Upgrades & Support

 We constantly keep enhancing our product based on your feedback. All updates are instantly available to you. Whenever you have any problem, just call in!

Task Management

Task Scheduling

Create tasks, set timelines, assign responsibilites and track progress.

To-do Lists

 To-do lists let everyone get an overview of tasks assigned to them and by them – an easy view of tasks they have finished or have outstanding. Simply check off finished tasks!

Task Dependencies

For complex projects, managers can set elaborate depedence relationships between tasks.

Automatic Notifications

 Notify everybody involved in a project of important events – a new task assigned, a deadline met , a depedent task triggered, or a project completed. Get notified through email, desktop pop-up or SMS.

Import & Export Tasks

 Save time by importing or exporting tasks to Excel.

Interactive Gantt Charts

Get a visual overview of project status, task interdependence, sequencing and dates through Gantt charts. Drag and drop elements.

Synch with Outlook Tasks

Synchronize HyperOffice tasks with Outlook tasks. Wherever you make changes, they are synched both ways. Easily share Outlook tasks with colleagues and partners without MS Exchange.

Project Collaboration

Project Workspaces

 Organize and manage all aspects of each project – documents, scheduling, calendars, contacts – from a dedicated virtual workspace. Easily set up unlimited workspaces for different projects. 

Personal Workspaces

 Give each project member a personalized workspace to organize and manage all personal information, schedules, tasks etc.

Workspace Customization

Finely tailor look, layout, and collaboration tools of each workspace according to project needs. 

Document Management

 Organize documents for different projects in project libraries. Work together on documents with team remotely using collaboration tools like versioning, notifications, commenting, locking and more!

Online Calendars

 Easily manage personal and project schedules with unlimited calendars. Match schedules, set reminders, and even set up and send out meeting invites directly from the calendar!

Contact Directories

 Keep all contacts relevant to a project at hand with unlimited contact lists. 

Forums, Chat and Polls

 Encourage discussions and knowledge exchange with discussion forums, spur instant communication with chat and gauge team opinions with easy to do surveys and polls.


 Link all related aspects of a project for context. Link tasks with related resources like documents, calendar dates, relevant contacts or even email records!

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