Online Document Management

Share And Collaborate On Documents Online with Version Control, Notifications And More.

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Secure File Sharing for Teams

Whether it is within specific teams, across the organization, or with external partners, HyperOffice ensures that only the right people can access, share and collaborate on precisely the information they need, wherever they are.

Advanced Document Sharing & Collaboration

Enterprise grade features like multi-level permissions, version control, commenting and web folders ensure that your teams can effectively work on documents wherever they are.

Customized Experience

Rather than giving your external and internal audiences a vanilla experience with folders and libraries, create an intricately tailored and branded experience to present information in context.


Securely Share Documents Online.

Share unlimited documents with employees, distributed workforces, and customers from any Web-enabled computer.

Online Document Storage.

Store any size document or group of documents online through a secure, central repository.

Online Data Backup

Document backup is an added bonus to sharing, storing, and managing documents online. Documents are stored in secure, offsite data center facilities equipped with redundant servers that guarantee 99.9% uptime.

Online Document Collaboration.

Collaborate on files with colleagues, partners or customers with document collaboration features like document version control, audit trails, locking, document commenting and more.


Easily control access to documents, folders or subfolders with our permission-based document management system.

Document Version Control.

Manage your document collaboration process with document version control, overwrite protection, commenting, and document locking.

Web Folders.

Use convenient Web folders to access documents virtually. A quick and secure way to backup data in real-time.

Full Document Search.

Search through the entire contents of documents for no extra charge. Others include this only in “premium” packages.

Simple to use, doesn't require a lot of training, and noone needs to know FTP programming

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There is a lot more to HyperOffice Atlas

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