HyperBase Online Database Solution (now WorkMap)

Online relational database solution for process automation and information management

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Database Management System

MS Online database management
Database apps usecases

Build custom database apps without any tech expertise

WorkMap has been built for business owners who want to have full control over their processes. You can leverage the flexible structure of WorkMap to quickly build database apps fine tuned to your processes in a matter of hours!

Real time data management for teams

Database solutions from yesteryear were not built for the real time web. With WorkMap. you allow your teams to access and edit information online, no matter where they are and everything changes in real time!

Database forms

Customizable database forms to collect information

Use our drag and drop editor to build beautiful web forms within minutes. Make your forms look exactly as you like, add branding, add sub-forms for related tables - anything you would want in a rich database form solution.

Dig into your database with Reports and Queries

Use the intuitive report builder to mine the exact insights you want from your data. These reports can even be shared with stakeholders outside the system using a public link.