HyperBase is now WorkMap.ai

HyperBase Online Database Software

Database management for you and me (not database administrators)

You don’t need to be a data scientist to build web databases.

You don’t need any special expertise beyond an understanding of your problem – HyperBase (now WorkMap) is flexible enough to handle almost any data management or process automation requirement.

All the features you want from an online database software

Real-time database management for today

HyperBase ( now WorkMap) is built for the real time web, and incorporates new information management approaches that traditional systems like MS Access, Excel and Google Spreadsheets lack.

  • Pick from more than two dozen information types

  • Anywhere Access

  • Team Based

  • Real Time co-authoring

Beautiful Web Forms to collect and manage data

Create beautiful web forms to collect or manage data from the world

  • Multiple forms per table

  • Drag and drop customization

  • Add your brand Custom events on form submission

  • Sub forms and Multi Step Forms

Self driving processes

Automations are a fun yet powerful way to manage everything about your process – how information behaves, who is responsible, who is notified, when things happen etc.

  • Automate email and sms notifications

  • Automate assignment of responsibilities

  • Automate information entry

  • Automate approvals

Gain insights with Reports & Queries

Query your information across tables and present it in a tailored format

  • Simple reports designer

  • Graphic charts

  • Public reports

  • Reports dashboard

Build apps with AI Magic.

"Build me an expense approval system

Merely describe the idea, our A.I builds your app

We’ve leveraged the most sophisticated large language models to be the first AI powered database management system in the market. Our “co-pilot” capabilities let you create entire apps by merely describing your idea in plain language.

Just describe what you want, and the app is built.

Refine apps with instructions in simple language

Pick pre-built apps right off the shelf

Rather than building database apps from scratch, pick an app from the app library and get going right away. Tweak the app to exactly meet your processes and requirements.

Visit App Library

Expense Management

Vacation Approvals

Surveys and Questionnaires

Orders and Invoicing

Incident and Hazard Reporting

Flight Safety Checklist

RFP Automation

Citizen Licensing and Permitting Portal

Citizen Feedback

Loved by Database Builders and Creators

Whether you are a consultant, a freelancer or someone in the organization who wants to build things to improve and streamline organizational processes, HyperBase (now WorkMap) is the solution for you.