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An online contact book, at your service

It’s simple. HyperOffice is a complete online solution to create and manage your contacts. Define contact categories such as organizations, emails, job titles, website, and other custom fields, thus, making it a great, flexible solution for sales teams as their CRM, HR for managing employees contact info, or purchases to manage providers data.

However, you will receive much more than a contact management solution: create workflows, projects, web shared calendars, and document management—all in a single cloud platform.

Literally, all the features needed for contact management

Import and Export Contact Lists

 Synchronize with Outlook, modify your online address book; import from a spreadsheet, export into another contact management system.

Online Address Book

Whether you are in the office, on the road, or working from home, you’ll always have access to your contact list.

Centralize Contact Management

Online contact management allows you to store and manage contact information in one central, online location.

Contact Search & Filter

 Locate the contact information you need easily by searching in the online address book. View by categories or full contact list, and filter alphabetically.

Categorize & Group Contacts

Create personal and group contact categories. Organize each contact by category.

Mobile Synchronization

 Synch your online contacts with your mobile contacts on iPhone, BlackBerry, many Android and Nokia phones, and more. Even use HyperOffice to share your mobile contacts with others!

External Contact Lists

 Share external, global address books.

Internal Contact Directory

 Share company-wide contact directories.

We found HyperOffice to be a very functional and dependable email and intranet product that many of our agents depend on for their business. After researching the many available products, HyperOffice is the clear winner in the cost-value analysis.

Bryan CrabtreePresident and CEO, Weichert-Dean-Kelby

More than contacts—business processes and apps

Quickly create web forms for data collection with drag and drop simplicity. You can create a wide array of business apps to automate simple company processes with workflows, notifications, views etc.

There is a lot more to HyperOffice Atlas

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