Online group calendars

Share projects, activities, tasks, meetings —and everything—with your team within our web calendar software.

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Shared Online Calendars

Keep your employees connected and aware of critical appointments and projects with online group calendars. Schedule meetings, events or any affair, send notifications and alerts—and keep everyone on the same page.

Online Calendar Features

Shared Group Calendar

Setup a group calendar to track meetings, conference calls, and project deadlines. Setup unlimited calendars to share across teams, departments, or remote locations.

Private Personal Calendar

Add personal events and appointments that are private and only visible to you.

Multiple Calendar Views

Choose from daily, weekly, or monthly views. Conveniently overlay multiple group calendars and create a printer-friendly view.

iCalendar Integration

Communicate with other calendar systems like Outlook, Google Calendar, Yahoo and Hotmail which support the iCalendar protocol.

Recurring Meetings and Events

Schedule events to recur daily, weekly, or monthly.

Event Reminders and Updates

Automatically receive reminders by pop-up, email, or phone. Notify users when meeting times change.

Permission-based Online Calendar

Control calendar sharing rights and permissions.

Full Document Search.

Search through the entire contents of documents for no extra charge. Others include this only in “premium” packages.

Public Online Calendars

Dedicate a public calendar to share with non-HyperOffice members.

A central communication tool that is always there, since we all have a virtual office 24/7. It's the glue of the connectivity of our company.

Craig PetersonFounder, RLED

Simply way more than a calendar

A complete work management system

Calendars are the tip of the iceberg; enable a whole digital workplace with a set of apps smoothly integrated.

Online contact management

Create and manage all your contacts with a single interface. Assign and schedule them projects, events, and tasks.

Real-time, social interactions

Create and share online chatrooms and forums to discuss with your team in real-time.

Video conferences with multiple attendees

Schedule conferences, invite multiple attendees and share multiple screens. Text, audio, and video allowed.

There is a lot more to HyperOffice Atlas

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Online calendars FAQs

Do I need to install any software to access my online calendar?

Absolutely not! Our online calendar is accessible anytime-anywhere with just an Internet connection. There’s nothing to install or maintain. There’s also a public online calendar for those outside of your account.

How many calendars can my company have? Can I dedicate calendars to groups?

You can create unlimited calendars for your business. Most customers create a group calendar to dedicate to specific project teams, departments, or remote locations

Does you calendar sharing tool have robust scheduling capabilities?

Yes. Meeting scheduling is at the core of our calendar sharing tool. You can schedule a meeting, check availability, send invitations, view responses, and set reminders.

Can I overlay my personal and business calendar?

Yes. First, you can create as many groups as you want and dedicate a calendar to each group. Then, you can select which calendars you would like to overlay.

There is a lot more to HyperOffice Atlas

More Features

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