Do I need to install any software to access my online calendar?

Absolutely not! Our online calendar is accessible anytime-anywhere with just an Internet connection. There’s nothing to install or maintain. There’s also a public online calendar for those outside of your account.

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Does HyperOffice’s group calendar synchronize with Outlook?

Yes. There is a simple initial setup to download the Outlook sync tool and then the synchronization is automatic thereafter.

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How many calendars can my company have? Can I dedicate calendars to groups?

You can create unlimited calendars for your business. Most customers create a group calendar to dedicate to specific project teams, departments, or remote locations.

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Does you calendar sharing tool have robust scheduling capabilities?

Yes. Meeting scheduling is at the core of our calendar sharing tool. You can schedule a meeting, check availability, send invitations, view responses, and set reminders.

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Can I overlay my personal and business calendar?

Yes. First, you can create as many groups as you want and dedicate a calendar to each group. Then, you can select which calendars you would like to overlay.

Learn more about our online calendar benefits and online calendar features.

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