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Is your team always traveling? Do they use handheld devices on a day-to-day basis? HyperOffice allows you to bring them together and collaborate seamlessly from any location at any time.

HyperOffice offers you its full range of collaboration features right on your mobile browser. If you are more comfortable using your mobile’s native applications, you can use HyperMobile, a HyperOffice plug in that lets you push email, contacts, calendars, and tasks to your mobile device instantly and keep it in constant sync with HyperOffice. That way, you can access your business information across your mobile or any PC or Mac and always keep it mirrored. HyperOffice offers you mobility benefits which no-one else does:-

  • Collaborate on almost any mobile – iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, most Nokia phones, J2ME or SyncML phones, and many Android phones (2.2 and above).
  • Share your mobile contacts and calendars with your teammates.

HyperOffice allows you to sync with your native tablet apps, or use a specially designed web app for iPad and Android tablets.

Mobile Access & Synchronization: Business Data in Your Pocket!

With HyperOffice on your mobile, you and your team will always be ready to share and collaborate, where ever you are. Unlike other providers where your mobile device is only synched when you connect it to your PC, or let you synch only personal data, HyperOffice transforms your phone into a full blown collaboration workhorse.

Access & Synch Corporate Email, Calendars, Tasks & Even Documents!

Stay ahead of the competition with shared calendars for your mobile device. Add events or co-ordinate meetings from your mobile calendars and your team members, clients, or business partners will immediately know. Always find your calendars updated whether you access them on your mobile or any PC or Mac browser.

Get updates from your distributed teams around the globe by scheduling tasks.

Once they have completed the task, your team members can mark it as complete wherever they are and you will be notified instantly of their task completion.

With so many solutions ranging from business collaboration to communication with teams, it’s clear why HyperOffice on a mobile device is ideal for total collaboration anywhere you go.

With HyperOffice on a mobile device, you can:

Push Email 

HyperOffice’s business email service lets you set up email for your company and push it to your mobile email client. Or you can access it online on any any computer, and even on Outlook. Everything is instantly synched.  


Sync you mobile email, calendars, tasks across your mobile, online on any system and even Outlook. HyperOffice allows you to access Outlook contacts, calendars, tasks, and email right on your mobile.


HyperOffice is the only service which lets you share your mobile calendars, contacts and tasks with teams, partners or clients.  


 The full power of HyperOffice’s collaboration features is available on your mobile – share and collaborate on documents, access intranet workspaces, schedule tasks, and more.


 With HyperOffice, your data is always secure and backed up. Even when your mobile system fails or you lose your mobile device, your data will still be safe and secure on our servers. 

Find out the benefits of HyperOffice on your mobile device:

HyperOffice for the iPhone

The iPhone is now ready to do business. Transform your iPhone into a mobile workspace and productivity tool. Click here to see how you can collaborate with the iPhone.

HyperOffice for the BlackBerry

Share & collaborate directly from your BlackBerry handheld device. Get access to your email and manage your Outlook calendars, contacts, and tasks – all from your BlackBerry. Click here to see HyperOffice on the BlackBerry.

HyperOffice for other mobile devices

Get the full power of HyperOffice on your mobile device. From business-class email to document sharing, HyperOffice brings you a full productivity and shareability suite directly onto your handheld. Click here to see HyperOffice on your favorite mobile device.

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