All companies need to collaborate. Sharing information with colleagues is critical to teamwork and productivity. Once you’ve made the important decision to invest in intranet software you are on your way to a more efficient workplace. The next question you need to ask yourself is whether or not you have the IT infrastructure and expertise to launch and maintain intranet software.

There are many resources available including extremely complicated and expensive file servers to simple intranet software with wiki and drag and drop publishing.

Intranet Software

HyperOffice’s intranet software gives you all the features you are looking for in a simple and flexible software application. HyperOffice is in a class above most intranet software applications, because there’s no physical software to install. Really! Our intranet software allows companies to build intranets with the click of a mouse-it’s all web-based.

Intranet Software Benefits

HyperOffice offers a user-friendly and affordable intranet software so businesses can access information anytime, anywhere with just an Internet connection. Security is a top priority with secure offsite facilities, redundant servers for 99.9% reliability, real-time back-ups, free upgrades, spam, and virus protection. Our intranet software combines the security of a hosted intranet with the power of online collaboration tools to save money and increase productivity.

Launch HyperOffice intranet software in less than 2 minutes! There’s no physical software to install, no servers to maintain and best of all we serve as your IT department.

Start Using Intranet Software Today

Start using intranet software to begin using:

  • Intranet Wiki
  • Business-class email accounts,
  • Online document management,
  • Online calendars
  • Contact management
  • Online task and project management.

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