Key Differences: Intranet Software vs. ASP Intranet

There are 3 key differences between intranet software and an ASP intranet, also sometimes called SaaS intranet solution: software and equipment costs, maintenance requirements, and development time. a customer portal enhances customer relationships by providing complete 24×7 access to collaborative tools with just an Internet connection.

Initial costs to purchase necessary hardware and software for intranet software range from $10,000 to $80,000.

Plus, maintenance and upgrade cost that are recurring and very unpredictable.

With an ASP intranet solution there’s no software to install, no servers or equipment to maintain…ever!

 The service is provided at a low monthly fee and includes free support and upgrades for life! ASP intranets are Web-accessible via password authentication.

Intranet development and deployment times range from 6-9 months

And expert technical support staff is needed to deploy application code and data backup, software evaluations and upgrades, and bug and security checks.


Get your ASP intranet up and running in minutes without anxieties and costs inherent with supporting complex intranet software. Learn more about our ASP intranet.

We found HyperOffice to be a very functional and dependable email and intranet product that many of our agents depend on for their business. After researching the many available products, HyperOffice is the clear winner in the cost-value analysis.

Bryan CrabtreePresident and CEO, Weichert-Dean-Kelby

ASP Intranet: A Low-cost, No-maintenance Alternative

HyperOffice offers a low-cost, hassle-free, scalable, and secure ASP intranet. Give your employees, customers, and partners a user-friendly system to share information anytime and anywhere

Business-class Intranet Features

Access business email service, view group calendars, share documents, and time-sensitive projects with just an Internet connection.

No Hardware or Software Needed

HyperOffice is a web-based solution so there’s no software to install, no servers to maintain…ever!

Low cost

of entry and predictable costs over time.

No need for technical support

implementation, maintenance, or upgrades.

Share information

with colleagues, customers, and partners securely online with a completely integrated intranet solution.

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