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Create a multi-layered intranet

Craft Custom Experiences

Our Intranet publisher lets you drag and drop and create finely tailored Intranet pages for the company, down to specific groups. See examples of Intranet landing pages.

End-to-end Collaboration Tools

Choose from a wide range of collaboration features like document management, projects, group calendars, address books, email, notes and more.

Social Engagement

Atlas is social to the core, allowing employees to engage and interact with each other as they get work done.

Automate processes with workflows

Automate common business processes with do-it-yourself web forms and database apps.

We found HyperOffice to be a very functional and dependable email and intranet product that many of our agents depend on for their business. After researching the many available products, HyperOffice is the clear winner in the cost-value analysis.

Bryan CrabtreePresident and CEO, Weichert-Dean-Kelby

Build Exquisitely Tailored Intranets

Atlas is a fully hosted, online solution. Use the Intranet Publisher to design exquisitely tailored experiences for different groups in your organization. It is drag-and-drop simple!

Your Intranet is your Collaboration Hub

A wide selection of collaboration tools turn your intranet into a place to get work done.

Document Management
Project Management
Shared Group Calendars
Directory & Address Books
Note Creation on the Fly
Organizational Email

Spark Social Conversations

Deeply embedded social features allow your workers to have rich conversations around tasks.

Business Apps and Web Forms

Quickly create web forms for data collection with drag and drop simplicity. You can create a wide array of business apps to automate simple company processes processes with workflows, notifications, views etc.

There is a lot more to HyperOffice Atlas

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