HyperOffice Intranet Site Publisher has been designed for small to mid sized businesses looking for the power of an enterprise class intranet software, without the associated expenses and expertise. Site Publisher lets non-expert subject matter owners to themselves set up their own rich and tailored intranet workspaces without ever having to go to an IT middleman. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping elements on a page.

Set up unlimited customized intranet workspaces for teams, projects, departments or divisional offices to make for a thriving virtual organization. Use rich collaboration tools like document collaboration, contact management, contact directories, forums, polls, email and more to streamline processes.

Benefits of HyperOffice Intranet Site Publisher

No Hardware or Software Hassles

You don’t need any cumbersome hardware servers or software downloads for an intranet rich with enterprise class features. Just sign up online and get started in minutes!

Universal Access

Don’t be limited to the confines of your company to collaborate. Your employees across locations and even while traveling can securely access your company intranet from any internet connected PC, Mac or mobile.

No Expertise – Empower Content Owners

Site Publisher is designed for people with no HTML or design expertise. Subject matter experts can easily use the drag and drop editor to set up intranet workspaces without ever having to go to IT.

Robust collaboration tools 

like document management, forums, project management, calendars, directories and more ensure that your intranets are dynamic, interactive workspaces rather than static content pages

Highly Secure

99.9% uptime, password protection, industry-class 128-bit encryption and automatic backups ensure failsafe security of your data and systems

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