Food Innovation

Cutting Edge Freshness Retention

Our smart vending machines are powered by the cutting edge “cool” freshness retention refrigeration technology that regulates water molecules to prevent dryness and deterioration in perishable products. Our technology enables storage periods that are at least 3-4 times longer compared to normal storage techniques.

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Powers Diverse Refrigeration Devices

Our refrigeration technology is able to power a wide variety of devices depending on your usecase.

Quick Freezer
Prefabricated Refrigerator

The Smart Vending Machine

Our IoT enabled vending machines are powered by innovative refrigeration technology ideal for storing and keeping products fresh at both freezing and room temperatures. The machines are fully integrated with internet technologies that offer real-time monitoring, secure transactions, and 24/7 access.

Fits Your Retail Space

Our vending machines come in a variety of configurations that are modular and can be combined to fit the exact dimensions of your space

For All Produce

We offer different units no matter if the produce needs to be refrigerated or kept at room temperature. The same unit can be configured to handle food at different temperatures.

Fully IoT Enabled

Beyond hardware, our offering is IoT enabled and supported by cloud based software for optimal marketing, operations and customer experience.

Remote Sales Monitoring

Sales can be checked online anywhere from any mobile or desktop

Real Time Notifications

Real-time notifications can be set up for desired sales events.

Integrate with other systems

Data can easily be downloaded as a CSV and moved to existing systems

Flexible Payments

The vending machines include cashless terminals with support for multiple payment methods

QR Payments

The cashless terminal includes support for QR payments as well

Sales and Operations Analysis

To optimize sales and operations, data can be exported and used for analysis