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Learn more about HyperOffice. A pioneer in hosted intranet solutions.

Empowering Companies to Create, Innovate, and Compete Through Web-Based Communication and Collaboration Technology

HyperOffice was founded in 1998 by an experienced team of professionals with a background in collaborative technology. The HyperOffice mission is to enable small and medium-sized businesses to use technology to achieve business growth, innovation, and success. Since its original launch, over 300,000 people have used the HyperOffice Intranet Suite.

HyperOffice offers a user-friendly and affordable integrated suite of Web applications that gives new and growing businesses essential tools to collaborate, communicate, and manage information anytime and from any Internet connection.

Before the advent of HyperOffice, such sophisticated tools were only available to large enterprises with deep pockets and a dedicated IT team. HyperOffice makes these enterprise-style technologies affordable and available to companies ranging from two people to a few hundred.

"When small businesses start growing, they quickly face new challenges in scaling their operations to the demands of their customers and their workforce," says Farzin Arsanjani, president of HyperOffice.

"At that point, small business owners often have to make a tough choice. Do they try and expand their sales force, or invest the time, effort, and capital in trying to boost their operations by buying technology solutions and hiring outside technology consultants?"

"With HyperOffice, this becomes a simple decision. They can set up a world class collaboration and communication platform for their operation in just a few hours. They're not just subscribing to a product. They're really adding to their business capabilities, their operational agility, and their ability to manage and distribute their work."

"Now they can be responsive to their customers without being constrained by the length of the workday or the location of their office, employees, or business partners. We think that gives our customers a tremendous competitive advantage."

HyperOffice-enabled companies find themselves well-positioned to compete with much larger competitors due to their instant access to key business information assets and tools, enhanced connectivity, productivity, and communication, and their ability to scale upward to seek and attain business growth and success.


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