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Employee Housing Allocation

There are multiple benefits of using this app and automate the process of assigning housing to your employees. The app works regardless of whether you are managing housing resources in a single location, across the world, or through a third party housing provider.

At the simplest level, this app allows people managing housing to keep a live list of available housing, while allowing employees to submit their own housing requests. These two lists are automatically matched up depending on the specifics of the housing request. The organization benefits in the following way.

  • With the ability to match resources and requests in real time, occupancy is optimized and housing costs are reduces
  • By creating a live console where employees can check the verdict on their request, create an atmosphere of transparency and trust
  • Reduce HR effort by automating allocation of housing

With this app you get


  • Allow employees to submit housing requests
  • Manage available housing units
  • One click allocation of housing
  • Notify employees when housing is allocated
  • Create Reports on historical occupancy