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How to create your online portal?

Use HyperOffice’s all-in-one collaborative suite to create and customize your own portal with a ridiculously simple drag and drop interface. Create all the sites needed for each team, department, and project. Add elements like documents links, calendars, notes, Gantt charts, images, forms, and other kinds of applications and features to finally solve your collaboration need. You can request a free trial and a lie walkthrough to learn to set up your own portals in minutes.

Portal features

Look and feel

Customize elements such as text, colors, mages, icons, apps, and everything to make your portal actually yours.

An entire suite of collaborative tools

Make your portal useful by adding document management and sharing functionalities, project management, group calendars, business emails, and notes.

Real-time employee social interaction

HyperOffice lets you have your own digital workspaces so you can interact in real time with team members.

Automate with workflows

Connect and automate repetitive business processes with do-it-yourself web apps and forms.

We found HyperOffice to be a very functional and dependable email and intranet product that many of our agents depend on for their business. After researching the many available products, HyperOffice is the clear winner in the cost-value analysis.

Bryan CrabtreePresident and CEO, Weichert-Dean-Kelby

Goodbye, generic portals.

Craft highly customized portals with a drag and drop interface and a suite of elements to make your digital workplace actually collaborative.

  • Custom landing pages for each group
  • Display dynamic collaboration widgets
  • Add web forms and workflow apps

Make portals great again

A wide selection of collaboration tools to make your portal work for teams.

Document Management
Project Management
Shared Group Calendars
Directory & Address Books

Real-time, social interactions

Enable task, and project assignment, chats, and comments in a single interface.

Business Apps and Web Forms

Quickly create web forms for data collection with a no-brain app builder. You can create a wide array of business apps to automate simple company processes with workflows, notifications, views etc.—all inside your portal.

Special – We create your portal even before you buy

Aren’t you convinced? We don’t want you to say no. To eliminate your burden, our team will create a portal for you—for free.


*Applicable to accounts with more than 20 users.

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