Why Migrate? The Cloud is Where it’s At!

IT infrastructure and legacy systems exert a tremendous burden on scarce SMB resources and time. There is a constant resource outlay on installing, managing and upgrading systems for email, documents or intranets. Ironically, this energy is expended in developing competencies that have nothing to do with core areas of operation.

That was yesteryear. Today, a large percentage of SMBs are migrating to the cloud, or thinking about migrating to the cloud because of its undeniable benefits. Cloud migration offers SMBs the following benefits:-

Reduced costs

 Cloud vendors have the scale to offer reduced cost. According to research organization Sandhill, cloud based applications can be cheaper by as much as 25-50% in terms of total costs over a 5-7 year time horizon.

Renewed focus

With IT servers and software offloaded to the cloud vendor, companies can focus on their core business area.

Ongoing upgrades

 Cloud systems are continuously upgraded in the background, which keeps your systems at the cutting edge. You are saved the costs and effort of disruptive upgrade cycles of legacy software.

Superior functionality and security

Since IT is the vendor’s area of expertise, they can offer much better functionality and security than SMBs can manage in-house.


 In an age of distributed and mobile workforces, cloud systems are ideal for workers who want to access data and tools outside the company firewalls on a variety of devices like desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

HyperOffice Cloud Migration Services

HyperOffice brings more than 10 years of experience offering cloud based communication and collaboration software to SMBs. Over the years, we have performed tens of thousands of cloud migrations for SMBs looking to move to HyperOffice from on-premise email systems like Exchange, legacy document management systems like SharePoint, or legacy contact management systems like ACT!.

While HyperOffice has self-service tools and import options for Outlook, contacts, tasks etc, SMBs with larger deployments may prefer our assisted data migration service. HyperOffice has expertise in migrating anything ranging from small scale deployments to handling enterprise scale cloud migrations with thousands of accounts and terabytes of data. We have developed special migration tools and methodologies for common legacy systems like MS Exchange and Lotus Notes, and are able to deliver with zero disruption to the continuity of your systems.

Once HyperOffice effects a smooth migration, you are unburdened from IT in the true sense, and can really concentrate on your core business. From then on, you have no servers and to install, no software to maintain and upgrade, no experts to hire. We seamlessly upgrade the systems at the back end, and keep you at the cutting edge without any effort required from you.

We also offer you training and always-on support, ensuring you have assistance every step of the way.

HyperOffice Cloud Communication and Collaboration Software

By migrating to HyperOffice, you get the cutting edge capabilities of our award winning communication and collaboration suite. HyperOffice has been delivering cloud communication and collaboration software to SMBs for more than 10 years, and has one of the most acclaimed solutions in the market. You get functionality that meets and exceeds your legacy systems, with added collaborative and mobility features.

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