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Financial Services

From international banks to personal finance consultants, we work to provide a highly-secure client portal and an internal collaboration tool.

Health Care

We fully tailor our robust service for every sector of the Health Care industry to include a highly secure and federally compliant collaborative solution.


As a fully-secure means to communicate sensitive information, we tailor the HyperOffice environment for some of the most highly regarded law firms and legal associations.


As the energy sector shifts priorities, our “green” collaborative environment provides a home for some of the world’s largest energy organizations.

IT Consulting

As the provider of the leading hosted collaborative solution, we are the first choice for consultants looking to quickly and easily deliver on a client’s collaborative need.

Construction – Property Mgmt

Our hosted environment is used to collaborate with subcontractors and remote employees while keeping their project moving forward.


Thousands of organizations are using our HyperOffice environment as a means to maintain a low overhead while enhancing member communication to advance their individual cause.


From boutique shops to global franchises, our scalable system links national operations together to standardize, enhance and streamline operations.

Management Consulting

As a client portal and intranet solution, we work with some of the most well respected management consulting firms to enhance operations.

Mortgage Lending

As the mortgage industry shifts, our product is used as a means to enhance communication between lenders, partners and clients.

Real Estate

As the preferred vendor for some of the major domestic and international Real Estate firms, we are committed to adding value to your client interaction.

Education and Research

As technology and education merge, we work with everything from Ivy League Universities to private secondary schools to enhance the educational experience.


We have built a reputation within our industry as a leader and innovator, bringing some of the world’s largest names in technology to our client roster.

Marketing and PR

We are used by the largest names as an internal resource to collaborate with contractors and an external means to communicate with clients and partners.

Virtual Assistant

An effective intranet solution includes professional email, document management, project management, calendaring, and contact management tools.