Build, Resell, or White Label? How should ISPs enter the Cloud Market?

With the recent boom in technology and software surrounding offsite hosting through cloud services, businesses have been clambering to scoop up as much of the revenue pie as possible. As an internet service provider, where is your entry point into the cloud market? Consider three major access points for cloud businesses and retailers: Build, Resale, … Read more

I Am An ISP (Internet Service Provider). What Does The “Cloud” Have To Do With Me?

The “cloud” could be the answer to your problem of falling connectivity revenue. As a local Internet Service Provider, what does the cloud mean to you? Online services, “the cloud”, is the backbone of internet connectivity and the hub of the growing collaborative market. According to studies from Synergy Research Group, cloud infrastructure has continued … Read more

Monetizing ISP Email – How ISPs can transform subscriber email from a resource sap into cash cow.

As an Internet Service Provider, offering subscribers free personal email has become a personal nightmare, requiring too much overhead for no return. Setting up even a simple in-house email server requires a full time hire to oversee the implementation, maintenance, upgrades, spam and hotfixes, etc. What returns do you see for all that work? Not … Read more

Veteran Saas Collaboration Software Suite releases biggest upgrade ever

Today marks a major milestone in our company history, as we release a modern interface built with on AJAX. This release is a culmination of more than a few years of feedback from hundreds of thousands of our customers. As of today our flagship product, HyperOffice Collaboration Suite has two versions available simultaneously, referred to … Read more

HyperSynch Mobile Collaboration is a Big Hit

A couple of weeks ago, we launched the beta of HyperSynch, a mobile collaboration service built into our HyperOffice online collaboration software, which allows growing business workers to use their mobile devices to access and collaborate on business information. Mobility is here to stay HyperSynch was developed as we could clearly see the growing importance … Read more

Wikis Part of Free Upgrade to HyperOffice Collaboration Sofware

The Wiki Phenomena We are all familiar with Wikipedia, and have come across it often as we search the internet. It is the largest encyclopedia ever compiled by man – more than 7 times Britannica, the largest traditional encyclopedia. The incredible thing about Wikipedia is that its content is entirely contributed collaboratively by volunteers – … Read more

Demystifying the Software Release Process

There is an old joke in the software business that likens developers with artists that produce their work in excess purely for the love of creating. This often results in a highly developed application that falls a bit behind scheduled release. As many of you may know, we are in the process of releasing the … Read more

Collaboration with HyperOffice Got Even Better : Full Document Search, Improved Publisher, More!

In the spirit of keeping our customers in step with the cutting edge of collaboration technology, and making our customer experience ever simpler and more powerful, we added multiple new features to HyperOffice. That’s what software-as-a-service is all about, isn’t it? The latest up-gradations are the latest in a flurry of activity in recent months … Read more

Skype and HyperOffice – a winning combination in collaboration

HyperOffice has been a big fan of Skype for many years, along with over 450 million other users who are using Skype. As of this summer Skype is delivering more international calls than any other telecom company in the world. With so many users on Skype – and its’ popularity amongst our customers, we recently … Read more