SharePoint Features – Checklist for 2019

This year’s rollout of SharePoint introduces several improvements, probably more than you’d be able to read about in one sitting. Exciting stuff! The new SharePoint features that are being brought to the table by Microsoft are features that are much desired and were highly anticipated. The 2019 edition brings many much needed UX improvements, such … Read more

Slack vs Sharepoint (2019): a (non) comparison

The terms “communication” and “collaboration” are brandished very loosely in the software market. Businesses are looking to solve specific problems, but with every manner of software from video conferencing platforms, to project management solutions, to intranet platforms, to group chat solutions billing themselves as “communication/collaboration” platforms, they are left understandably confused. This confusion frequently brings … Read more

Intranet vs Sharepoint

Intranet vs Sharepoint? It’s like looking for “websites vs WordPress” or “MAC vs laptop”. To put it simply – Sharepoint is an Intranet platform, amongst other things. What is Sharepoint and what is an intranet? An intranet is a virtual space that is meant to let organizations manage their internal communications and processes. Intranets help … Read more

Sharepoint Features in 2019

When you’re exploring software products —specially cloud-based apps— you expect a free tier or trial. After all, a primary value proposition of SaaS vendors is self-service; you want to be able to explore the product yourself and see if it matches your needs. Not quite with Microsoft Sharepoint. Besides the fact you must add your credit … Read more

Microsoft Sharepoint issues and limitations (2018): where Sharepoint falls short

Microsoft Sharepoint is a good example of big, generic platforms: It’s so big, so complete, and so robust that we don’t know what we can actually do (or can’t do) with it. It promises many things, some might say, too many. For those who’re exploring collaboration software solutions, it is often hard to discern the … Read more

Microsoft Access databases examples for common business needs

Online MS Access Alternative – 2-min Trial You may know Microsoft Access as the most famous software to build database apps. It represents an absolutely versatile tool to create any number of applications that work with relational databases, forms, and workflows. While a great option with a rich set of features, developers sometimes struggle to … Read more

Slack vs. Microsoft Teams vs. a comparison between world-class business chat apps

Recently, Microsoft Teams announced a free plan, raising the attention of those companies looking for business chat solutions and those that already use Slack. The market evolvement is aggressive and it is only getting heavier by other players like, the Verizon’s and HyperOffice team messaging alternative, and Facebook Workplace, for instance. In fact, … Read more

5 SharePoint Alternatives in 2020: Not every collaborative app is a SharePoint Alternative

Set up your Sharepoint Alternative in 5 minutes Looking for SharePoint Alternatives?  There’s no doubt Microsoft Sharepoint is the absolute leader of the collaboration market: it has more than 200 million users, about 20,000 users join each day, and 80% of Fortune 500 companies use it. However, the tremendously growing competition has broken down some … Read more

The latest about Microsoft Access Web Apps retirement. A viable replacement option.

Update Sept 16 2022 – Access Web Apps, the online version of Microsoft Access is fully retired by now, as per Microsoft’s messaging. WorkMap, the #1 Access Alternative since 2008 – Sign up now About a year ago, Microsoft announced they wouldn’t continue offering cloud-based Microsoft Access, also known as Microsoft Access Web Apps. The … Read more