10 Internal communications tools and channels you didn’t consider before — and how Intranets remain as the hub of collaboration

When companies grow their nominee they start having internal communications challenges they didn’t have before: it’s harder to know what each individual is doing and corporate communication becomes blurry and complex. As a real example, companies have expressed to us the challenge of making sure important announcements —like the overall corporate strategy—are communicated to each individual … Read more

Internal communications best practices (Lessons from Google & Moz)

For this article, we decided to gather the internal communications best practices of 2 companies widely recognized for their corporate culture. Moz is a marketing software company from Seattle whose name is ubiquitous in the world of online marketing and has quickly grown to 50 million in revenue yearly. Google needs no introduction. Of course, neither … Read more

12 communication in the workplace worth-reading articles

For becoming a great leader, employer, manager, or collaborator you should —if not must— succeed at communication in the workplace. This knowledge requires both experience and insights that let individuals consciously manage situations where communications skills are tested, like feedback providing, monthly meetings, yearly performance reviews, team building activities, and basically any interaction that requires … Read more

McKinsey Study – The Value of Social Business

2012 brought in scores of real case studies of companies of all sizes implementing social business technologies and reporting benefits. Conceptual models abounded and debates around the use of social tools at work built to a crescendo. To follow up on all that, McKinsey released a report quantifying the industry-wide benefits of social technologies in … Read more