Microsoft access for compliance and certification

Microsoft Access can be a useful tool for managing compliance or certification requirements, as it allows you to store, organize, and analyze data related to your organization’s compliance efforts. Here are some steps you can take to use Microsoft Access for compliance or certification: Define your compliance or certification requirements: Before you can use Microsoft … Read more

5 ways in which can simplify COVID rapid/PCR testing and vaccination drives

Organizations across the board have stepped up and participated in the testing and vaccinations drives to help combat the COVID pandemic. However, many of these organizations were not equipped with the right information tools to organize these drives. As a result, they have fallen back upon cobbling together systems consisting of web forms, WordPress plugins, … Read more

8 best online database builder Applications for 2021

As businesses seek to take control of their processes, the market for online database builder applications has been picking up. The following is a list of the best available choices. 1. WorkMap Online Database Builder WorkMap is a no-code online database builder with built in workflow automation capabilities. Its features include: Real-time online database tables … Read more

Sharepoint Infopath End-of-Life – A credible alternative

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the future of Microsoft’s famous Forms tool within Sharepoint – Infopath. This article seeks to clear these confusions in simple lay-man terms, while presenting a viable alternative for Infopath users looking for options. 1. Infopath is deprecated and no longer being actively developed. One thing is dead certain, … Read more

SharePoint Workflow Alternative – A comparison

WorkMap Free Trial If you actively use Sharepoint workflows, you are probably aware that Sharepoint workflows in Sharepoint online are on the verge of being retired. As you scramble for an alternative, I would like to present in comparison to Sharepoint Workflows. Hopefully you will discover that you can recreate everything you managed in … Read more

Updates on SharePoint workflow end-of-life for SharePoint Online. A viable alternative.

Continuing the trend of retiring its traditional database and process tools, Microsoft just announced the end-of-life of Sharepoint workflows in Sharepoint online. A couple of years ago, Microsoft had similarly retired the online version of Microsoft Access available through SharePoint online. Going by Google search volumes for “Sharepoint workflows”, it seems like a lot of … Read more

Microsoft Access 101 – The Basics of Access

Microsoft Access is the original “no code” platform created for people who have no specialized database knowledge, but want to manage their information or create simple applications. However, many might still find MS Access daunting, which is why there is a thriving market of MS Access alternatives, which introduce yet another level of simplicity. So … Read more

The Ultimate Telecommuting Guidelines, Best Practices, and Tools

Telecommuting, also known as remote work, is a contemporary approach in which an employee offers services to an employer from home or any other preferred workplace. Telecommuting means to contribute to work without having to physically commute to work. To put it simply, telecommuting means working remotely or working from home. While we might instinctively … Read more

MS Access vs WorkMap – The Best Access Alternative in 2020

Are you looking for the best MS Access alternative of 2020? MS Access is often labeled as the best database software by professionals in small-medium enterprises that use the database management system for recording, organizing, and managing data to create professional reports as needed. MS Access was built around the feature of professionally managing and … Read more