Why State and Local Government Organizations need a Microsoft Access replacement

It is no surprise why Microsoft Access continues to be one of the most widely used applications within government. Local teams within departments have specific processes and workflows – for grants management, procurement, public interactions, you name it. Microsoft Access is flexible enough that these teams often bypass IT guidelines and quickly set up custom … Read more

5 workflow automation platforms for state and local government

Workflow automation software can help state and local governments to streamline their processes, improve efficiency, and save money. Here are 10 of the best workflow automation software for state and local government: WorkMap.ai WorkMap is a workflow automation and information management platform for state and local government with a focus on simplicity. It brings a … Read more

How state and local government agencies can use no code software to create citizen engagement services

State and Local governments everywhere are looking to leverage internet technology to create citizen engagement services. This is the idea that citizens should effortlessly be able to access public services and have a transparent view into the business of government. No code software can be a powerful tool for citizen engagement. It allows government agencies … Read more

Electronic Waste Recycling Environmental Impact Calculator

As part of our focus on developing automation software for Electronics Recyclers, ITADs and other processors of e-waste, we have developed a simple tool to allow these companies to calculate their environmental impact. By entering the tonnage of electronics waste protected from landfills, processors of electronics waste can calculate a variety of metrics like tonnes … Read more

Top 4 Electronics Recycling, ITAD Software

While electronics recycling companies play a key role in our society by safely regulating electronics waste, ironically there are only a handful of software that are dedicated to streamlining their unique business processes and requirements. Their choice is usually between overly sophisticated ERP software, or rudimentary tools like paper documents or Excel spreadsheets. Electronics Waste … Read more

5 reasons solar panel recyclers should consider getting the R2 certification

As SERI works on incorporating Solar Panel recycling in the scope of the R2 certification, a lot of solar panel recyclers must be asking the question – Why should I be considering it? R2 (Responsible Recycling) certification is an internationally recognized standard for electronic waste recycling. Here are five reasons why solar panel recyclers should … Read more