How state and local government agencies can use no code software to create citizen engagement services

State and Local governments everywhere are looking to leverage internet technology to create citizen engagement services. This is the idea that citizens should effortlessly be able to access public services and have a transparent view into the business of government.

No code software can be a powerful tool for citizen engagement. It allows government agencies to create interactive web applications and portals without having to write any code. This makes it possible for agencies to quickly and easily build engaging and user-friendly applications that allow citizens to participate in government in new and innovative ways.

Here are some specific examples of how state and local government agencies can use no code software to create citizen engagement services:

Citizen Request and Complaints Management: Traditionally, public departments have used outdated methods like phone numbers which keep ringing, emails that are never responded to, or cumbersome PDF forms to enable the public to submit requests. No-code software can be used to set up a modern online portal where citizens can post requests and complaints to report potholes, leaks, broken street lights, garbage collection issues, or other issues related to public infrastructure and services. These requests can then be routed to the appropriate department, the work that needs to be done assessed and assigned to the relevant teams, all the while giving citizens a transparent view of the status of their request.

Permits and Licensing: No-code software can be used to allow state and local officials to quickly set up a portal where citizens can apply for permits and licenses. Further, workflows can be set up which route these requests to the appropriate department or officials. Workflows can also be set up to collaborate with the applicant if some information or documentation is missing, enabling them to upload whatever is required. Managers and public officials can have oversight over the process and keep an eye on the overall efficiency of the process with reports.

Public Surveys and Polls: Surveys are a great way to get public input into matters of community interest and gauge the overall level of citizen engagement and satisfaction. No code software allows public officials to quickly set up such surveys and get citizen feedback on public works, new infrastructure projects, gather feedback on budgets, measure satisfaction with public services etc.


These are just a handful of examples of how no-code software can be used for citizen and civic engagement. Governments can benefit in the following ways:

  • It can help to reduce the cost of developing and maintaining citizen engagement applications.
  • It can make it easier for government agencies to collaborate with citizens to develop and improve government services.
  • It can help to make government services more accessible to citizens with disabilities.

Overall, no code software is a powerful tool that can help state and local government agencies to engage citizens in new and innovative ways. By using no code software, agencies can create interactive and user-friendly applications that make it easy for citizens to participate in government. This can help to improve government transparency and accountability, as well as increase citizen satisfaction with government services.

If you are a public official, WorkMap is a great example of no-code software for state and local government. Go ahead and give it a spin with a free trial.