Column and Row Record Limits of Airtable,, SmartSheet, and has a record limit of 2 Million Records per table – Sign up now


The row limit of Airtable is 100,000 rows per “Base”. A Base is Airtable lingo is a collection of tables with relational connections between them. Further, the hard limit of columns in a table 500. The number of rows allowed per Base also depends on the plan:

  • Free: 1,200 rows
  • Personal: 5,000 rows
  • Pro: 50,000 rows
  • Enterprise: 100,000 rows

The row or “item” limit in boards (tables) is 20,000 and 300 columns. What you exactly get depends on your plan:

  • Non Enterprise users: 10,000 rows and 200 columns
  • Enterprise users: 20,000 rows and 300 columns

Although does not advertise any hard limits to the number of rows, the performance starts to really slow down when you approach 10,000 rows of data. It also does not advertise any limit to the number of columns. The company advertises the following limits:

  • Free Plan: 100 Rows
  • Paid Plan: Limit not listed, but recommended less than 10,000 rows.


The row limit in SmartSheet is 20,000 and 400 columns. SmartSheet advertises the following

  • 500,000 is the maximum number of cells
  • 400 is the maximum number of cells
  • 20,000 is the maximum number of rows