6 Database Apps for School Administrators

Managing the immense amount of data of hundreds and thousands of students is a hefty task for school administrators. To simplify information collection and storing it safely in a way that it can be accessed easily and information can be taken as and when required, school administrators now generally prefer an easy-to-use and simple database management software. Such softwares are easily customizable, easy to build and access, and requires little to no prior knowledge of any kind of coding languages and techniques. These database softwares promote the use of automation in collecting, storing, and analyzing information, which reduces manual effort, and burden on employee personnel and also limits scope of error as it guarantees negligible duplication. This way, such no code database building tools help school administrators to keep an efficient record of the school’s students and other routine chores. 

5 best No code database management apps for school administrators

1. WorkMap

WorkMap.ai provides a great range of features available for school administration under its segment called School Management. The user interface is utterly simple and the best part is that absolutely no coding knowledge is required for you to run an efficient database management system for your school’s administration processes. WorkMap provides features like event management, employee onboarding and recruitment, student details database, and task manager so that you can manage everything you need to in one go.

2. Gradelink

Gradelink is an IT system built for both school officers as well as students. This database management software is used mainly to amp up the enrollment process of a student in a school. Apart from aiding the enrollment process and saving time and effort, it also helps to mark and track attendance of students in a school, schedule events in the calendars and set up reminders for the same, allot timetables and classes to respective students, announce events and notices from the administration to students. This software is useful for the school administration for its unique feature of making and providing an administrative report to the school administration.

3. Fedena

Fedena is one of the most popular database management softwares used by educational institutes owing to its very useful feature of integrating student databases with video conferencing and streaming platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype. Apart from this, the database also allows marking and tracking attendance, conducting and analyzing online tests for students, easing the enrollment procedure by collecting and verifying admission documents, and also helping in tax calculation.

4. Synergy Education Platform

Synergy is very helpful for administrators as it provides ease in collecting and organizing student data effectively into databases along with the integration of these databases with each other. It can also provide reports on the administrative data contained in its databases. Synergy Education Platform also has an edge owing to the fact that it takes appropriate security measures and application layers that are used to protect your data from being leaked or fished.

5. Classe365

Classe365 streamlines an educational institute’s administration and admission procedure by providing almost all services to the school administration ranging from fee payment, task and class allotment, a discussion forum, and tracking admissions and enrollments into various courses and classes. It also provides the option to send announcements and notices to students or parents using SMS.

6. ThinkWave

ThinkWave stores all the data of students in a cloud-based database which makes it easier for anyone who has the authority to access the data from anywhere and at any time. This software analyzes student performance and offers a detailed analysis report to parents as well along with school administrators and teachers. It can also be used to make an announcement or deliver a notice to all registered in the database using mass emailing or an SMS list.


Building database management software to manage the data of students in a school is a good step towards effective automation and limiting manual work. A database not only saves time and effort, but it also reduces the everyday running costs of manually storing data into databases. No-code tools are the easiest alternative for you to automate and ease your business processes along with attaining a relaxation in your everyday running costs. If you are looking for a simple to use no-code tool to build your business, Workmap is a user-friendly tool that can help you build any kind of tools for your business, that too without using any kind of coding processes. Check out WorkMap ai today at nominal prices and take your business to a next level by automating everyday procedures. Visit hyperoffice.com for more information, tips, and suggestions related to Workmap.ai and no code automation and development.