25 Microsoft Access 2016 and 2010 Templates

Microsoft Access is a database management software (DBMS) provided by the Microsoft Office Suite. It is built on a combination for the user to use a graphically oriented user interface and relational database tools that can be used for easy and customized database building and software development. MS Access provides users with all possible options and tools to build forms, reports, tables, databases, and queries. MS Access is a powerful Microsoft tool that can be used for creating databases that can be used for various business procedures and then integrated into one for uniformity and easy transfers. It is a no-code tool that requires next to zero coding knowledge to build a database for yourself. MS Access can also be used to create a customizable accounting database to record expenses and earnings. 

Templates in MS Access are predefined databases that need not be built from scratch. All you need to do is click open a database template and start working on it. Using templates saves you the time, effort, and energy to build an entire database from scratch on your own. Although a template contains all kinds of tables, forms, queries, reports, and database relationships that you might need to build your data on the database, you are still free to customize the template as and when, and however you like so that it can become even easier for you to work on the database.

25 best and useful templates for MS Access 2010 and 2016

1. Northwind

Helps to manage everyday business processes of small businesses such as customer orders, inventory, etc.

2. Contacts

Creates an extensive list of contacts that are often used in your business such as that of customers, vendors, etc.

3. Student

Helpful for the administration department to keep all the details of students in the school at one place including their personal information and their guardian’s information.

4. Asset Tracking

Keep a track of all the assets owned by your organization and its details.

5. Task Management

Creates a professional to-do list that can be used to track everyday business tasks.

6. Event Management

Schedule, organize, and keep a track of events that occur on a routine basis in a business environment.

7. Inventory

Keep a track of your company’s stock and other purchases to facilitate supply and demand.

8. Bug Tracking

Useful in case you want to track and remove bugs from your project.

9. Nutrition Tracking

A fitness freak would love this template to track the nutrients and exercise of the day and maintain a record of it.

10. Project Management

Manages a project by introducing all attributes of tracking deliverables, stock, etc. 

11. Call Tracker

Assign customer calls to employees and keep a track of answers and replies.

12. Time and Billing

Manages invoices and billing procedures of supply and incoming stock or payments by suppliers and clients respectively.

13. Issue Tracking

Mentions issues and assignments and their solutions if any.

14. Vehicle maintenance

Enters and stores details of your vehicles and details about their maintenance.

15. Real estate

Comprehensive list of details of all the properties you own.

16. Lending Library

Details about all the borrowed and lent items.

17. Faculty

Store details of faculty in your administration.

18. Customer Service

Comprehensive ledger of customers’ issues and the status of their solutions.

19. Personal Account Ledger

Creates a personal log to account for all personal expenses and track supplies.

20. Bug Tracking

Logs and treats bugs in your Access database.

21. Charitable contributions

Keep a track of all the charity work of your business.

22. Age Calculation

Easy calculator of age using birthdays.

23. Marketing Project Management

A subset of project management in the category of marketing project management.

24. Personal Contact Manager

Manages a full-fledged database of business contacts to help establish professional relations.

25. Desktop Business Account Ledger

Helps in the accounting of your business.


Templates are an absolutely easy way to simplify your work and reduce the time taken to build and maintain a database. MS Access 2010 and 2016 both offer a wide range of templates that are helpful in various scenarios. In case you need a template for any other purpose, you can readily download any kind of template online for free.

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