The Best 5 Employee Database Apps

An organization is an extensive interlinkage of its cultures, products, and employees. Amongst these, to efficiently monitor the business processes and employee reports, maintaining a scalable employee database becomes an absolute necessity so that most of the manual work is overtaken by the database management software. This automation is very useful for a large firm size or even a good number of employees. An employee database helps track employee recruitment, onboarding, progress reports, and even salary and incentive slips and payments. Though many employee databases exist in the market, you should be careful when choosing one which fits your organization best and can be customized accordingly to your needs and work.

5 best employee databases

From the extensive list of employee database management systems in the market, here are some handpicked software that are extremely useful to all kinds of businesses and provide many tools and a good interface to build your employee database as per your needs and perform adequate tasks on it.

1. is an extremely user-friendly database interface that involves no coding procedures to set up an efficient database for your organization. Its simple user interface enables you to perform complex tasks on it easily without much hassle.’s USP is that it is indefinitely simple to use while providing you with solutions to all employee database problems using effective automation, task assignment, progress channels, and monitoring features. It aids in the workflow of an organization by enabling you to represent the work and data in form of charts, sheets, reports, or forms. The starting price of software is fifteen dollars per user for a month.

2. PeopleBook HR

PeopleBook HR is a tremendously comprehensive employee database management system that provides a list of features for the user to maintain an employee database. These features include System Administration, Assignment of roles to users, Biometric or Non-Biometric Attendance Management, Disciplinary Tracking, Assets and Liabilities Management, Employee Information Management System, Payroll, Leave and Training Tracking System amongst many others. These easy-to-use features make PeopleBook HR stand out from its competitors as it provides an easy way for its users to customize and automate a lot of an organization’s routine and important tasks related to its employees and also keep an efficient track of all its employees at one place so that one does not have to go back and forth while checking or developing a progress report. The software even has a free trial version for you to see if it works for your organization before making a subscription.

3. Kissflow HR Cloud

Kissflow HR Cloud is an automatic flowing cloud-based HR system that can take care of all HR and employee-related activities for you from a single place without the requirement of mobility. It is extremely customizable which you can build up according to the needs of your organization and employees. This software is good to use if you want to maintain a good project flow and want to provide a digital workplace to your employees which can be beneficial for you to track and maintain a record of your employee base’s progress. The software gives out a free trial for 14 days before subscription.

4. Zoho People

Zoho People is a cloud-based Human Resources Management System that is quick and efficient to adapt any changes that you want in the system and is built for the welfare of your employees. It helps you to build a trained and talented workforce and aids you in your HR-related processes. Zoho has a price system that varies as per the size of your business.

5. Calamari

Calamari is an attendance and leaves tracking database system that helps you to log in your presence at work and also apply or approve leaves for others. This is useful for employers to grant leaves and track the attendance of their employees while preparing pay slips and performance reports. There are different prices for both the leave management system and the attendance management system and it runs per the number of employees that you want to register in the database.


Having and maintaining an efficient employee database management system will surely aid you in many employee-related activities for your organization and will strengthen your workforce even more by inculcating disciplinary cultures into them. To ease the automation process, no code software that have an extremely easy user interface work the best.