Rapid Automation for Healthcare Administrators

In the age of information, the task of keeping up with the latest technologies often seems like a lost cause. Nonetheless, many healthcare leaders are starting to take interest in AI and RPA softwares. This is no surprise, as one study by Thomas Davenport and Ravi Kalakota explains how “These technologies have the potential to transform many aspects of patient care, as well as administrative processes within provider, payer and pharmaceutical organisations” and how “AI can perform as well as or better than humans at key healthcare tasks.”

System Overhaul Alternative

Because performing a complete system-wide overhaul used to be a months-long process, some administrators are weary about updating their existing systems to the modern standards. However, with the rise of “no-code” technology, equipping your business operations with RPA and AI based technologies has never been easier.

For context, no-code tools are alternatives to traditional programming languages. These tools allow anyone to build a web app, website, database, etc. without having to write actual code. Additionally, they take little to no time to learn how to use, making them perfect for busy administrators.

Case Study: Michael Garron Hospital

For example, prior to their no-code optimization update, the Michael Garron Hospital in Toronto, Canada was using an incredibly outdated method of organization employee deployment. They were using numerous printed sheets of paper strewn about an empty conference room to try and keep track of employee assignments. Not only was it inefficient and time-consuming, but it did not give them an effective way of analyzing trends among their data.

Luckily, MGH partnered with HIMS.ai, a no-code tool specifically for healthcare administrators. Soon after they agreed to partner, the HIMS.ai development team had built them a ready-to-use application and they were able to get to work.

No-Code and No Hassle

Most no-code tools will come with a standard set of features. For instance, nearly all online database management softwares come with webforms, which can be perfect for projects like volunteer registration. Also, most products will offer a range of pre-built templates to choose from. Templates make it easy to jump right into your projects with minimal set-up while still giving you opportunities for customization.

Smartsheet, another no-code platform, comes with a variety of templates organized by categories such as government, finance, retail, and more. HIMS.ai, the product from the MGH use case, has several healthcare specific templates, such as a whole collection dedicated to the COVID-19 vaccine rollouts. Some examples are automatic reminders for second vaccine doses, vaccine tracking and consent forms, and inventory management templates.

All in all, the process of updating your current data management system may seem daunting, but with the right tool and smart partnership, this no longer has to be the case.