MS Access vs WorkMap – The Best Access Alternative in 2020

Are you looking for the best MS Access alternative of 2020?

MS Access is often labeled as the best database software by professionals in small-medium enterprises that use the database management system for recording, organizing, and managing data to create professional reports as needed.

MS Access was built around the feature of professionally managing and reporting the organized data. The tool was preferred by project managers around the globe as it did not require individuals to learn complicated programming or coding for database management and report formulation.

Nevertheless, thousands of professionals today are actively seeking MS Access alternatives. Curious about how that came to be? We are here to answer that question for you. However, before we proceed with the software’s limitations, let us recommend the best web-based alternative to MS Access with a feature comparison.

MS Access vs. WorkMap

MS AccessWorkMap
Hardware dependency – App’s performance varies as per your system configurationsNo dependency on hardware or system configuration
User dependency – Performance of the tool depends on the skill and experience of the userNo extraordinary skills required to operate the tool at its full potential
Can be overwhelming for novice usersEasy to use with drag and drop features
Designed to facilitate small teamsIdeal for both small and capacious teams
Development or coding skills may come in handyDevelopment or coding skills not required
Desktop database management system – Web-based access is limited to view onlyA complete web-based data management solution – Real-time updates
File-based system – Not compatible with all leading browsersReal-time software – Compatible with all leading browsers
Auto population of data via combo box in forms can be hecticEffortless auto-population of data via custom web forms
Queries and reporting analysis can be tricky for newbiesSimplified queries and reporting analysis
Mediocre security – Not an ideal tool to manage sensitive dataEnterprise-grade security
2 GB data storageMassively scalable storage
Users can import data in Access via SpreadsheetsUsers can import and export data via Spreadsheets
Windows only software – Not compatible with MacCompatible with all leading devices and operating systems
Access Alternative
Alternative to Access

Why Do Professionals Seek MS Access Alternatives?

MS Access is preferred by many professionals out there when it comes to desktop database management solutions. The software is preferred by many due to a variety of resources available, powerful querying features, advanced filtering options, and powerful table tools. Nevertheless, the tool’s limitations may outshine its features for professionals that are digitally agile.

Work from Home

On the other hand, MS Access is criticized by many to be an obsolete tool and not on par with digital trends. Come to think of it, MS Access lacks scalability as professionals are restricted to make use of limited storage space of 2GB. Furthermore, there are many other limitations associated with the tool that will slow you down in the race to digital dexterity. Hence, people are eyeing MS Access alternatives more actively than ever before, and here are the reasons why.

Coexisting Users

MS Access only supports a certain number of concurrent users – accessing the database simultaneously. Irrespective of Microsoft’s claim to support 255+ concurrent connections, the software becomes glitchy and unstable when more than 20 users access the database simultaneously – causing abrupt system crashes.

As the coexisting users increase, the system’s performance and response time are gravely affected – giving professionals a reason to look for alternatives to MS Access.

Access Disadvantage - Concurrent Users

Web-Based Limitations

Professionals also seek alternatives to Access because of the tool’s web-based limitations. Primarily, MS Access was not designed to be used as a web-based platform or with online applications. Therefore, the tool’s functionality is limited to the Windows environment only.

MS Access is a desktop database management app and its web-based access is limited to view only mode. Furthermore, the app’s performance is dependent on your hardware configuration and system specifications. Hence, digitally agile enterprises are seeking MS Access alternatives as the tool is not on par with today’s cloud technology.

Web-Based Access Alternative

Compatibility with Mac

Device compatibility is one of many reasons for professionals to look for MS Access alternatives. Access is an app for the Windows platform. The tool is not compatible with other operating systems. Hence, you won’t be able to use MS Access if your preferred operating system is Mac OS X.

You may find other ways to run MS Access on Mac. However, running MS Access on Mac may lead you to experience system glitches and bugs as the app was not designed to be functional on a Mac.

Access Alternative for Mac

Limited Storage

MS Access offers a storage capacity of 2GB for a database. However, the app runs slow as a slug when working with databases larger than 1GB in size. This hinders productivity and performance on so many levels. Therefore, professionals seek alternatives that are more scalable compared to Microsoft Access.

Access Disadvantages - Limited Storage

Unanimous Operating Systems

This may sound like a myth but you need unanimous operating systems to run MS Access seamlessly. You may experience issues like database corruption and system crashes when users try to access the system via different operating systems such as Windows 2007, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

In order to access the database without any hassle, all concurrent users must have unanimous operating systems. Hence, similar operating system versions are recommended when accessing the so-called best database management system.

Windows Native App

User Friendliness

MS Access has a lot of design and development limitations. The tool might be marketed as a user-friendly database management system; however, it is best suited for skilled professionals only. MS Access can be overwhelming for newbies that have little or no understanding of relational database design and VBA coding.

Without the aforesaid skills, there’s a limit to what you can do in MS Access. Hence, professionals seek alternatives as the MS Access’s potential is strictly dependent on the skills of an individual using it.

User Friendly Access Alternative

Bottom Line

MS Access is a database management tool that has been preferred by professionals for decades. The tool was quite popular among available alternatives despite having a steep learning curve. However, in time, the tool’s limitations outshined its features as better alternatives surfaced – enabling professionals to look for other options as the tool became obsolete.

Inability to serve as a web-based platform, device compatibility, limited storage capacity, and concurrent user concerns are the key issues that have stripped the king of its title. Unlike MS Access, WorkMap is a complete web-based solution for all your database management needs and the best alternative to seek in 2020.