5 PowerApps Alternatives

After retiring Access Web Apps, Microsoft has been pushing users towards Powerapps as an MS Access online alternative. However, many MS Access users have complained about Powerapps’ vastly different structure, and lack of support for relational database features.

Other users have complained that PowerApps does not fit it’s “no code” marketing hype, and is too much for business people looking for simple ways to gather information, organize data and automate processes.

Whatever your reasons are, you’ve probably already made a determination that you need an alternative, and here are your options.

HyperBase (re-branded to WorkMap.ai)

HyperBase is ideal for people who come from the Microsoft Access paradigm, and wish to automate processes through simple relational databases and web forms.

Betty Blocks

Betty Blocks is similar to PowerApps because it allows people to build actual application interfaces with sophisticated business logic to route data and determine user experience. Betty Blocks is better for sophisticated users who are willing to expend the time and attention to build a custom application.


Nintex is a solution from the Business Process Management paradigm. It allows users to achieve much of what they would do through PowerApps. and also go much beyond. Beyond building custom application interfaces, applying complex business logic, Nintex even allows users to write their own Boolean logic.

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator also belongs to the Access paradigm of relational databases, web forms and simple automations. However, it allows for more sophisticated processes through scripting.

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Airtable comes from a slightly different paradigm – spreadsheet on steroids. Data is gathered in an intuitive and powerful spreadhseet like interface, and can be managed through relational database concepts. However, there is minimal ability to customize forms on the data input end of the spectrum.

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