5 things that make HyperOffice the most complete among Sharepoint Alternatives

As more and more teams collaborate digitally, Sharepoint is one of the fastest growing collaboration solutions around, given Microsoft’s marketing might. However, the demand for “Sharepoint alternatives” has also grown in parallel. Most people may discover online collaboration through Sharepoint, but many realize it doesn’t quite match their requirements.

HyperOffice, as one of the first companies in the online collaboration space, had identified this opportunity of a web based complete Sharepoint alternative as far back as in 2006, when Microsoft itself was years from considering the cloud deployment model. Moreover, HyperOffice has always served the same broad objective as Sharepoint, but in an online context – to be an all-in-one platform for teamwork.

While many “Sharepoint alternatives” focus on a particular aspect of Sharepoint, HyperOffice is the most complete in the following ways:

#1 It is a Sharepoint document libraries alternative

Document libraries are the most commonly used feature of Sharepoint. Similarly, HyperOffice allow companies to store, share and collaborate on documents online.

complete Sharepoint alternative

#2 It is a Sharepoint Sites alternative

Like Sharepoint Sites, HyperOffice allows organizations to create discrete workspaces for departments, offices and teams, each with its own tools, permissions and customized landing page.

government site alternative

#3 It is a Sharepoint Designer alternative

Like Sharepoint Designer, HyperOffice goes well beyond offering a rigid structure, but allows organizations to build customized landing pages and entire internal web sites for different groups. HyperOffice’s Publisher tool allows non-experts to quickly drag and drop and build customized experiences.


#4 It is an Infopath Alternative

Like Infopath, HyperOffice includes online database apps, workflows and web forms. Web Forms can quickly be created through drag and drop simplicity and shared with anyone via a web link or embedded in existing websites.

infopath alternative

#5 It is a Sharepoint Lists alternative

In HyperOffice, the data gathered by web forms is organized in database tables similar to Sharepoint Lists, but is way more powerful – with the ability to create columns to gather different data types, create database relations, generate reports and more.

list alternative

It is more

The above does not capture the full breadth of HyperOffice capabilities, as it also includes:

  • Group chat and video conferencing
  • Mobile messaging and conferencing
  • Shared contacts and calendars
  • Online project management

So, if you’re looking for a robust Sharepoint alternative, how about giving HyperOffice a spin?