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Online MS Access alternative with Relational Tables, Database Forms, Workflows, Reporting for teams. Also edit your MS Access files online!

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MS Access online alternative

Are your database apps chained to your desktop?

In the world of Microsoft Access, you have no easy way to share your apps online with other team members, customers or partners. The online version of MS Access was retired by Microsoft in 2018.

WorkMap (formerly HyperBase) allows you to liberate your databases and is an alternative to siloed systems like Microsoft Access or SQL. There are no expensive database servers to set up, no database software to download and maintain. Just sign up and get started!

The power of MS Access, online

WorkMap brings you the power of Access, with relational database tables, reporting, web forms, automations and more, in a modern online alternative accessible from any web browser or mobile. We have served leading organizations around the world with our database apps.


How satisfied are we? Very!

WorkMap allows us to automate manual paper processes, and take data from emails, phone calls, Excel spreadsheets into our online app – an accessible, correct, single source of information.

Taylor Martin – Manager, Clinical Resource Team, MGH Hospital

Share database is built for distributed teams

Microsoft Access restricts you to your local network, and is not built for concurrent team access.

WorkMap lets you build truly modern database apps, that your entire team can access from anywhere in the world. WorkMap also allows for multi-layered permissions, which allows for permission based access for team members, customers and partners.

Organize data in powerful relational database tables

Organize and manage data optimally in robust relational database tables. All data types are supported, including files and calculations. Leverage advanced operations like lookups, joins etc.

Relational database
Web forms

Build beautiful web forms to collect data

Forget clunky MS Access forms. Use our super simple web form builder to create web forms that exactly meet your data and branding needs. Build internal or external web forms of any kind – surveys, app forms, contact forms, feedback, voting..

Get insights with advanced Reports & Queries

Manipulate your data for analysis and insights. Show visual representations of your data with graphs. Build specific views for specific users to fulfill their precise needs.

database reports and queries

The Possibilities of Online Databases

Simplify data collection and automate common business processes with web forms, workflows, reporting and database sharing. Empower subject matter experts by allowing them to create simple database applications without any database administration and management expertise.

Lead Tracking

Manage incoming lead flow.

Asset Management

Manage allocations of resources and assets

Job Applications

Streamline the hiring process


Automate the vacation request and approval process.

Inventory Management

Simple app to keep on top of your invetory.

Online Surveys

Create elaborate surveys, track results and run reports

Features and Benefits

online database


It is completely cloud based. No database servers, no database software. Just sign up online and get started.

online database forms


Simplify data collection and collation with easy to set up online forms and applications to collect data from partners, customers and employees.

online workflows


Create automated workflows and database applications without any database expertise.

database filters


Manipulate data to get the exact insights you want.

database reports forms


Collect data in custom tables, and present subsets of the data to specific people through views.

online public reports


Share Reports through a public link with relevant stakeholders.

database import


Extract data into spreadsheets or import it from other systems.

attach file in database


Attach files to database records

database notification


Assign responsibilities and notify different actors at different stages of a workflow.


Does allow me to work my with MS Access .accdb files online?

Yes it does.

How is different from HyperBase, the well known online alternative to MS Access?

HyperBase is the previous version of our MS Access online alternative. is the newer, easier, better version!

Does allow me to work on MS Access with my team collaboratively? is an alternative to Microsoft Access. It offers you the same capabilities, and unlike Microsoft Access, it is built ground up for online, anywhere, anytime collaborative team use.

Is free? is a commercial product. It offers a 15 day full feature free trial.