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Store and secure documents online, and manage right from any PC or Mac desktop with web folders.


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What are Web Folders?

"Web Folders" is what Microsoft calls its WebDAV support, a technology built into modern Windows operating systems. Web folders allow PC or Mac users to access files and folders on a virtual server in much the same way as through the desktop. The files actually reside on a remote Web server accessed via the Web.

  • A Web folder provides an interface for managing files on a remote Web server.
  • Web folders provide document storage and publishing functionality.
  • The contents of Web folders are not available on the local hard disk, but are hosted virtually.
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HyperDrive and Web Folders

HyperDrive is HyperOffice's Web server that stores all documents in a secure, offsite data center. With Web folders functionality, you can access all your files with just a simple Web browser.
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  • HyperOffice offers Web folder functionality called: HyperDrive.
  • Through HyperDrive, your files and folders can be viewed and edited with just a simple Web browser.
  • Web Folders allow you to simply "Drag and Drop" files between your PC and your HyperOffice account.
  • Your Web Folders are mounted on a virtual drive and appear as new folders on Windows Explorer.
  • All Web folders are password-protected using your HyperOffice username and password.

What Are The Benefits of Web Folders?

  • Easy-to-use and Familiar Interface. Web folders integrate with your desktop and Windows Explorer interface.
  • A Convenient Storage & Backup Solution."Drag and Drop" folders and files between your computer's hard drive and your HyperOffice account.
  • Fast & Secure Uploads and Downloads. Fast and secure multiple file and folder uploads and downloads.
  • Shortcut to HyperOffice Documents. No need to login to your HyperOffice account and files. Just use Web folders!

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